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  1. Yep. I'll second that. Calling, decoys, etc. are fine but it seems that the last 10 years I've done the best by just being out there whenever I can and being where they are likely to be. Hunt a property for a few years and you can definitely notice where they like to enter and exit fields, roost, etc.
  2. I've by far had the most success from late morning on. Everyone would love the textbook fly down scenario but with hens around it just never seems to work out. But I do make sure to call to them and if they hear you and gobble back, there's a great chance after the hens leave them that they'll come back to check it out. And just being patient and being out there for me has paid off much more than any calling has. Field corners, ridges where they like to travel, etc. Basically like hunting deer with a few yelps every 15 or 20 minutes to catch the attention of any toms in the area.
  3. Don, went out of Ike's on Saturday. Not many people out as it was real windy. Had about 7" of ice right out from the landing and about 4" out past the break. Fishing wasn't great. Two short walleyes and two rock bass. No crappie or perch.
  4. You mean like the highly successful Lake Winnebago sturgeon program? Elk reintroduction? Wild turkey reintroduction, that annually is top or close to the top in annual spring harvest in the country every year? Lake Michigan/Green Bay walleye boom? Meanwhile, a non-native american can't keep a walleye on Mille Lacs. Good stuff.
  5. Thanks for the report Nick. Fished north of Hudson a few times this weekend but the boat traffic was pretty busy so not the best of luck for fish.
  6. Nice! Way to go! Hope I'm able to get out and enjoy hunting when I'm that age.
  7. Made it up to Yellow on Tuesday. Walked out from Ike's and found just over 8" of ice. Not much snow to speak of on the ice. Bring cleats! Plenty of ATV's out there. The bite? Caught some short walleyes and managed only one that was legal. And some rock bass. Not one perch or crappie. Good Luck!
  8. Sounds good. Haven't been up there since deer hunting but I will be going up to fish after the holidays. Will have a report on Yellow Lake and maybe Clam Lake.
  9. That's OK DonBo. I've had plenty of those empty tags over the years. More deer tags over the last ten years than I would like. I prefer them on wheat bread with a slice of cheese and mayo.
  10. Good Luck out there. Went up this past weekend to to mow the trails, etc. and I even brought the boat motor with to fish but the wind never quit blowing! Hopefully I'll give it a shot in a few weeks.
  11. Hey Muskie. Yeah it has been quiet. I've only had the boat out fishing twice. That was two weeks ago and I was on Yellow. Real slow. Kept a few panfish. Good Luck.
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