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  1. Dinger! Even if you don't hit the "Big Bite" is it still pretty steady fishing or do you really have to work hard for the fish? Also, we will be staying at Snake Falls June 3-10. Thanks Fishinglund
  2. I am considering trying this lake myself, does anyone have any experience on the lake for the first part of June? Thanks, Fishinglund
  3. Some friends of mine go to Cianci's (sp?) the last week of June, and they really like it. I have never been up there myself though. They really do well on the walleyes and northerns. Fishinglund
  4. Anybody? Is my price way out of line? This motor is easy on the fuel bill...something to think about with these gas prices. Thanks, Fishinglund
  5. I appreciate the info! I will try some of those spots that you mentioned! Also, if anyone else has any experience on the lake, I would love to read about it! Thanks, Fishinglund
  6. It really is a nice boat...Make me a reasonable offer...may help with delivery! Thanks Fishinglund
  7. Doonbuggy! Thanks for the input! I reserved a cabin at the resort for June 10-17, 2006. I can't wait to get there. Is the lake reasonably easy to navigate? I realize that not all hazards are going to be marked, but are there any particular areas to watch out for? Do you have to go far to find fish? Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Fishinglund
  8. Does anybody know where I might be able to get a lake map of this lake? How big is the lake? Thanks Fishinglund
  9. MNUser! Thanks for the compliments on the boat! You are right, these boats are nice and very fishable for a 16' boat. They have a nice wide layout and they are very stable in the water. I wouldn't even sell it if I hadn't purchased a bigger boat and needed more garage space. My wife won't let her suburban sit outside all winter while my two boats get to be nice and cozy inside! Fishinglund
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