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  1. Look into one of these if you dont have one already. Looks like you will need to take a trip to hardware store to get the right connections.
  2. I would say Dish Network, after switching a few months ago to DTV. The Local Channels In Duluth are not in HD. And the Said rebates we where told we would recieve never happened, allot of ill check into that and we will call you back. Well, they never call back. So I call twice a week and get the same thing. I'm going to pony up the $250 and drop DTV. I should of stayed with dish. And Tried out the HOPPA, or whatever thay have to network the TVs in the house. But they were not giving me the deal I thought I deserved after being a good Customer. I'm Curious to know if you Dtv subscribers get local HD where you live?
  3. Thank you Fellow sportsman and Sportswomen. Thought I would throw out a question While I was waiting in the car, I think my new Safty Measures this year will be new life jackets, Im leaning on the self inflateing kind. All the years Ive been on the water my life jackets are stowed away in the storage compartments, Hope every one has a Safe and fun Season. Thanks for your Time
  4. Just got off the phone with a family member and was told some sort of test is required for any motor over 40 HP. She said one of her employes have already taken it. Ive never herd of such a law is it new this year. Thanks for you time
  5. Good question> I can look tommorow. I did buy a fuse box so to speak, I think minnkota makes it not shure on that. What I recall its sort of like a gfi where it pops (trips) then you push a button back in to reset it. I believe this is a 60 amp. I found it on the web
  6. Thanks. I agree simplest is the best. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for the info. If I'm looking at the first diagram correct it says to hook charger up on one battery and charger on the other. Then run them both in parallel. This is how it was done when I bought the boat. But, after I picked up two new batteries last fall the sales man told me to hook up the trolling motor like picured above. So my thinking was to do the same with the charger. Thanks for all you time.
  8. Does this look right? I made a picture in my paint program. lol. Im useing a 12 volt trolling motor. And im useing two batterys as one. In the future im going to buy a two or three bank charger. Just not in the cards right now. Thanks for everyones Time.
  9. I use a zagg screen protector I think its around 20 bucks, the sales crew at Best Buy put it on if you want. Life time warranty and it works well. I also put my evo in a snack size zip lock, when im at work, I change bags every so often and it works well. I can still use the touch screen,so i never have to take it out of the bag, unless i want to take a picture. Keeps it clean and dry.
  10. Need some advise. I picked up some New line to try out, I think its 832 suffix? I will be using it on my jigging pole, its 6lb 2lb diameter. The water I fish is stained, ok heres the question I was going to tie directly to the jig no leader, Is this what everyone else does? thanks for your time.
  11. I have a question about the Nav app I have it for my Evo and cant figure out how to get the red lines off any ideas or is it just the way its made? Thanks
  12. Thats how I Roll with the I pilot.. Walk around, tie up, grab a bite to eat, Tie wife and kids line and never touch the button. boat does what i want it to do. I found it really made the way I fish much easier,Two thumbs way up for the I-Pilot.
  13. Bubble is still here. Thanks for the In Put Greggy I didnt get a price from them, but its all good Im happy. Fish ON!
  14. I orderd them a little after my post. Real nice guy on the phone, answered alot of my questions. Price was a little high but its a custom job and at least the money stays in Minnesota. Ive fished a few times on Rainy Lake where I was getting some waves over the Stern, It looks like thay may help a little, if any thing it will give the Dog some cover ...Thanks for your Input Jonny P.
  15. Im thinking about trying these out. I have a 1775 Pro V se, anyone have them likes or dislikes? Tricks to installing ect Thanks for your time.
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