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  1. just bought a 50's Ev. after borrowing a Johnson for a couple yrs for duck hunting... both are 3 horse... both purr like kittens. gotta love old school technology!
  2. I was just talking to my hunting buddy this weekend about getting rid of a few of our deeks we don''t use any more... some are homemade silo's, some are shells....if you want them, let me know, we don't plan on giving them away, but we'll definitely give ya a good deal.
  3. After hammering some geese in that big wind last week, I figured I'd have some decent shooting today on my favorite pond......wrong!! Saw 3 'bills and a handfull of mallards, with nothing presenting a shot. Hopefully next weekend will be the one!
  4. This is the 4th year in a row we've been drawn. We'll probably be going the last 2 weekends in Oct. Empty skies on opening day in MN aren't quite as nausiating when there's SD to look forward to
  5. Application results were supposed to be out 6/23, but with the "new and improved" system, they're still not out. I believe you can still apply for second and third chance drawings though. We've been lucky enough the last 3 years to have been drawn.....what a blast, litterally!!!!!!
  6. Just got off the phone with a relative who works in Marshall. Seems there's a pretty decent size bunch around Lake Benton. Don't know all the details, just heard "thousands". Plan on driving around a little in SW MN this weekend, and heading to SD the 18th...... shoot 'em up!
  7. Denny Green? Obviously you've forgotten the guttless antics of that clown. Does roll over and die ring a bell?
  8. Did you watch the game? I would've done the same thing!
  9. The Vikes are rough! Packer blowout. Enough said!
  10. A good tip for saving the flocking on goose heads..... use an old sock, and slip it over the head when transporting your deeks..... simple but it works.
  11. We've been hunting Fox for several years now. You need to be 100 yds. or more away from the water. This law was changed about 6-7 years ago because the lake is now classified as a resting area. If that particular CO told you otherwise, I think she might be wrong. If not, awesome!I'd love to hunt them on the water again.
  12. Anyone in the Sherburn area been seeing any numbers of geese? We'll be hunting by Clancy's point next weekend, and wont be able to get there untill after dark on Fri., so any info would be helpfull! P.S. Jamie if you read this, let me know on the layout blind situation....507 359-3022
  13. I firmly stand by my previous post stating that it's up to the parent. Last weekend proved my point. The only mistake my 9 yr old made in the blind was when he wasn't looking in the skies while eating a cookie... some ducks flew by and he missed an opportunity....who hasn't done that?!!! The rest of the morning was slow as far as hunting goes, but was a great time bonding. Oh. and by the way, he ID'd 5/6 of the ducks he shot at! For you doubters of the early youth hunt.. it's all in the training, just like a dog.
  14. Starting off camping out in the fish house Fri night..... it's gonna take a couple of beers to get me to sleep. It's finally here again, can you believe it? Shoot straight, be safe, have fun, and tell lots of talk good luck, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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