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  1. Mine is an old fridge: electric fry pan wired into an electric oven thermostat, vented with a piece of conduit in the top and a drain hole in the bottom. Put chips in the fry pan, set the temp and plug it in. BE SURE TO FIND AN OLD STEEL LINED FRIDGE, NOT PLASTIC. I saw a fridge smoker listed for free on hsolist about a week ago.
  2. Thank You!!! That is what I needed to hear. Staff in one store told me it would be early December. With limited supply, I wanted to have a fresh crack at things. Thanks again!
  3. Has anyone seen camo on sale? I'm looking for a waterfowl coat for a present.
  4. Haven't stayed there, but check out other options too. The Garney Cabin at Savanna Portage is about 150 yards from a nice crappie hole. Bear Head's Guesthouse would be another good option. Check availability on the net then call the park for info.
  5. Watch the hunting regs next summer, the DNR sponsors Youth Deer Hunts, just for all the right reasons. Application deadline is early, so stay tuned in next summer. From personal experience, it was a great weekend!!!
  6. I got my first 870 in 1965. I got it from my Mother who got it used from the neighbor. My son uses it now. The only drawback with the first one is its chambered for 2 3/4". My second 870 is an Express in 3". Niether has ever failed me Does anyone have the 3 1/2" Express? Is it the same frame as the 3"? I thought it may be an option for geese without lugging a heavy framed gun.
  7. I took my young dog to Bear Creek east of Hinckley. They have some modest combinations that are affordable. I went with some Chukar because they sit so long. It made it a little easier for the dog (and the shooter). They don't do scratch birds alone, but you may find a few out there. They are real accommodating, especially if you are willing to work in between some groups. They are good folks too.
  8. Ron, We have a hardside with rear bunks. We really like it except the boys have grown out of the bunks, there are just a little tight for teens. But it is camping. Several salesmen stated that the bunk models have good re-sale, but we have yet to sell ours. We went from a pickup camper to a 27' hardside. What a difference. There are a lot of the hybreds out there and they are a great option for many campers. Good luck shopping. ps I have appreciated your camping posts, you obviously put a few miles on your camper.
  9. I've been out a bit lately East of Hinckley. Lots of buck activity. Scrapes everywhere in the last week or so, bucks chasing constantly. Yesterday one doe was grazing in the open, I drove up and the buck with her looked at me, looked at the doe, and went about his business chasing her. I watched for a while until he chased her off into the woods. Later in the day I saw a yearling buck mounting a receptive doe. I think there will be a lot of activity this weekend.
  10. Jeff, I think you better be looking for more land. If you are trying to cultivate a nice deer hunting camp, you should plan to incorporate a few food plots, occasional logging, not to mention a place to call home, be it cabin or camper. It all takes space. With a growing group of hunters, look for more than you think you will need. Adjacent public land is a good option, but remember that is a two way street, it brings people to your doorstep. Land values continue to soar around here, but there are still some gems out there. Good luck. I can recommend a good banker!
  11. I used extra heavy decoy cord with knotted loops every 10 feet or so. For an anchor, I used a concrete filled coffee can with a length of rope to attach the decoy line. I like 83's idea of shower curtain snaps, especially when you have cold fingers. I used a short length of line with a snap leading from the main line and hog rings on the decoys. The problem was the stuff getting tangled. I also like 83's idea of lead decoy anchors, good way to use the old ones that are breaking apart. I used fishing weights but that added to the cost. I always put my drake decoys out on the end to increase visibility. I did not anchor the end, I let it move with the wind.
  12. Mine is an old one, steel lined fridge. We used an old electric fry pan (cast), removed the handle and thermostat, and wired it direct. To control the heat we stripped a thermostat out of an old electric oven and wired in the fry pan. For added assurance, there is a light bulb wired into the cuircit to indicate when the burner cycles on and off. A piece of 3/4 inch steel conduit serves as the top vent. It is fastened through the back of the fridge near the top of the unit. A drain hole was drilled in the bottom to drain off excess water. We used an oven thermometer to verify the temp. (on and off cycles) at various settings on the stat. The original racks work well to hold the meat. Put some wood chips in the frypan, plug the unit in and you're smokin'.
  13. What lake were you on and when did this happen? From there it will be easy to figure it out.
  14. You will need to drive to an access to get on the lake. There is a small access on the Rum River in the park. Father Hennipin is right on the lake. Nice camping either way.
  15. Beer batter: equal parts beer and flour. Beer should be stale or fizzed out. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE KEY INGREDIENTS IN THE HOUSE
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