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  1. Strikemaster asked to have the following video posted to help those of you out who have a Strikemaster Solo. Hope it helps.
  2. Let it go croixflats and let others voice their opinion without your constant badgering. First Tinkhamton, then me and now T&KK are the targets of your badgering. We all get it that you want to let our Minnesota Vikings as well as the jobs and tax revenue they help create go elsewhere. Maybe to Wisconsin where it's closer to you. Let it go. You've had your say. Let others talk besides you and me. Vikings fans, now you see what we're up against if croixflats is an example? Contact your reps today if you want to keep our Minnesota Vikings here.
  3. What other billion dollar investment? Now you're talking fairy tales. Let's throw away our Vikings for a fairy tale you dream up. Folks, there are a lot of dreamers like croixflats out there contacting our reps to let the Vikes go. We better do our part if we want to keep our Vikings. Contact your reps today.
  4. Same ol' tired rhetoric.... Can you believe it, croixflats is saying let the Vikes go... follow his advice if that's what you want to lose along with the other businesses, jobs and tax revenues that will follow suit. If you want to keep the Vikes you better contact your State Representative and Senator because you can count on folks like croixflats to do their best to cause us to lose our Vikings. They are a GREAT investment for our state. Just ask LA, Cleveland or any place that let their NFL team slip away.
  5. The taxes the Vikes help generate now will be lost along with the National prestige and ensuing busines and opportunities. Being pennywise and dollar poor is not the way to go here. We need to find innovative ways to keep the Vikes here. Using gambling tax revenue that we currently are not receiving because of the current monopoly is dollarwise. It's a painless way for the Vikes to be funded unless you are currently enjoying the gambling monopoly that currently pays no tax to the state. If you think losing the Vikes won't hurt you and those you care about if the Vikes leave you better do your homework rather than using all the same tired old rhetoric. The taxes the Vikes pay will be lost along with all of the business generated because of them and the jobs and tax revenue they create. My bet is they already pay for what they are asking for. There's a good reason Cleveland and LA now, fought or are fighting to get an NFL team back after foolishly letting them slip away. The entire state and you will lose if we follow the same tired old rhetoric and let our Vikes slip away.
  6. I had the chance to use a Nils power/hand auger and I'm convinced it is the easiest auger to use if you drill a lot of holes in search of fish. Much easier to carry around and it slices though the ice like it's butter. I also like the fact that you get the hand auger right with the power auger at no extra charge. I'm hoping to check out the solo sometime this winter so we'll see how that one runs.
  7. How is the fishing going on the Fox for those big eyes? Has the good bite started yet?
  8. Little Crooked Lake is an intermediate class action of waters providing good fishing. In general the angler success and catch rates may be less than in prime waters. Reproductive status is unknown and stocking generally occurs. Muskie walleye and panfish are commonly caught while Northern Pike and LM bass are present in lower numbers. It's a small lake so practice selective harvest and consider CPR for the bigger fish.
  9. The ice was deteriorating on Hayward area lakes. It has not only slowed with the cold snap, but the lakes are making ice again on April 1st! It's slippery so wear cleats. Fishing has been slow, but some report hot bite fishing, most of it late afternoon. Most ice is in the 15" to 25" range with some water on the shorelines so be careful and check the ice before going out. We received a report from DNR fisheries biologist Frank Pratt who says his earlier report of Spring Lake’s total winterkill were a little premature. Panfish on the lake are biting welk right now as well as on Lake Hayward. Ice anglers need to be cautious on this late-season ice. It can look good but offer little support. Survey crews hope to net Blaisdell lake and Barker lake this week. Other lakes scheduled for netting later this spring include Knutson, Chetac, Grindstone, and the west side of the Chippewa Flowage. Any of youn guys have any outdoor reports or thoughts for Hayward-Cable-Ladysmith-Minong-Chippewa Flowage WI/Sawyer-Rusk County areas?
  10. Right here seems like the right spot. It does say Milwaukee. Anyone of you checking his post out from the area? We' really like your help posting here.
  11. How are the lakes looking? Any panfish action going?
  12. Thanks for the update Dan. Doesn't sound too bad for a day of fishing. Please keep us posted on how things are going Dan. we appreciate it.
  13. How did your trip go Dan? I'm anzious to hear. Anyone else been out ice fishing?
  14. PikeBayCommanche, Thank you very much. You really opened my eyes about your area. What do most guys in the area like to fish for?
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