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  1. 1968

    Japanese beetles

    I only got as far as one next door neighbor by buying him tanglefoots, that he was gung ho about, only to never empty them. Looks like it will be 6 traps for me next year. Sure poisons work, but I don't want to go nuclear on them and take everything out. I take the current bee situation seriously and minimize any impact on them, as everyone on the planet should consider. I worry about my own toxin exposure also. Indiscriminate killing usually comes with repercussions.. You do realize neighbors are made up of people right? And how easy it is to get everyone on the same page? I'm certainly not going door to door. I wouldn't even answer my front door if I was outside knocking. LOL
  2. 1968

    Japanese beetles

    You've met people right? Getting everyone in just my 500m beetle radius to agree, pay, and actually do it would require a firmly enforced city ordinance that 3 rivers parks would also have to adhere too. As it is, only about 5-10% of people care, as shown by trap numbers seen. Maybe the rest are fine with poisons. Fleetfarm always gets cleaned out of traps so that is somewhat promising. But they are PIA bag traps..
  3. 1968

    Japanese beetles

    That does nothing for all your neighbors beetles that are within range of your targeted plants, unless you can get EVERYONE to participate..
  4. 1968

    Japanese beetles

    I hung 4 tanglefoot traps this year and quit counting at 200k bugs(counted out 1/4 cup to get a baseline). Lots of days with a gallon or more caught, sometimes 2. Lots of info stating it just makes matters worse, but I disagree. Despite inviting clouds of them plant damage was minimal compared to not trapping. My cherry tree hasn't been completely defoliated since trapping began last year. Still gets hit, but not bad. Haven't noticed any real lawn damage either. Just for easy math, if half were females I prevented over 5 million eggs from being laid. I like not using poison and bycatch was only 2-3 bumblebees over the last 2 years. If you decide to trap stay away from bag traps. They are a pain and greatly increase the number of dead stinky bugs in the trap, which acts as a repellant. https://www.amazon.com/Tanglefoot-Japanese-Beetle-Xpando-Trap/dp/B077XLPN3J/ref=sr_1_6?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1537568898&sr=1-6&keywords=japanese+beetle+trap&dpID=51WRxjClq%2BL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  5. 1968

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Synthetic! I haven't lost a trailer bearing in almost 20 years since switching. I've been using Mobil1, easily sourced from fleet farm. Asmoil has some interesting industrial greases too. One especially tenacious grease resists "pound out" very well. If there is an area not getting grease, another zerk wouldn't hurt. I would consider working the pivots in between a few greasings to really work it in and flush out junk.
  6. 1968

    Recovery Gear

  7. 1968

    Uggh, Lug nuts

    Too many variables. Impact strength, airflow setting and wear factors, air pressure variance, lubrication habits, and of course the operator. It's very easy to exceed what the stick is rated for. Not break the lugs next time tight, but maybe a free brake pulsation 2-3 months down the road after the rotor is distorted and runout turns into thickness variation. I always use a size smaller with the impact turned all the way down and frequently have less than a 1/8 of a turn left to go. I will even tailor how heavy I pull the trigger and ALWAYS follow up with a torque wrench. Left hand lugs was an old Mopar trick. Knowing about them does date you!
  8. 1968

    Uggh, Lug nuts

    Might want to have a talk with that tire shop, and have them properly reinstall all the other lug nuts before you have to. Plus, if any break they can fix them now. If any brake pulsation occurred after overtightening, that's one more thing to talk about. I also worry about stress factors on the studs. Once a bolt is stretched, it's done. About the only way to check for that is to get an OE stud and compare lengths. Cheater bar force likely means they were at least 3-4 times overtightened, maybe more. But, if you have uncapped nuts on an uncapped wheel allowing corrosion, it's on you. Torque sticks are better than nothing but really should only be used to snug them down, then finish with a torque wrench.
  9. 1968

    After Market Remote Start

    The aftermarket systems and more importantly the installations frequently cause problems. To install one to OE quality takes half to a full day which doesn't happen for $99.95. I only uninstall them when the car won't start at all. Last one was easy, just pull the fuses at the remote start so the battery didn't die within 3-4 days from parasitic draw. Usually it's remove the tumbleweed in the dash..
  10. How about off lake performance? I've been running winter tires the last 3 years. There's no going back once you've experienced them. It has yet to happen, but just like 4wd, I'm sure snow tires can get you more stuck than all seasons. Thanks to my wife, I have made up a condition I call snow tire rage. What is wrong with all these other people on the road??? I also told her to check the rear view before any quick stops when it's slick. General Altimax Arctic's are hard to beat for the money. The Nokian WRG3's mentioned above do pretty good, but a dedicated winter tire will do better. I know a deliver guy who ran the generals all year on a Chev HHR. He would get 2 new tires/rotate every 50k, in the fall. Come fall the fronts were done, rears still great. New pair on the back, back's to the front, good until next fall!
  11. 1968

    Hail Damage Car

    A salvage title will usually void any warranties still in effect..
  12. 1968

    Automotive odds and ends (part 1)

    Wow, your fast. Subie engine on it's way out and the snow hasn't melted yet!
  13. Sounds like it's a little late but, Indelco Plastics in St. Louis Park has lots of hdpe sheet in stock. https://www.indelco.com/c-2443-high-density-polyethylene-sheet-rod.aspx
  14. 1968

    Toyota Settles...

    What about **Dot's role involving massive corrosion? How did GM avoid a costly recall over brake lines that struggle to make it more than 10 years? If cars are now dissolving at record speed, how is the environment being affected?
  15. 1968

    Towing Capacity.

    Nissan much? I did say if equipped with a cvt. That must be known for sure before any substantial towing takes place. I can always tell if it has a cvt from just driving it. Does it shift as nice as my 1971 Scorpion Stinger did???