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  1. Found a nice patch and had to evacuate immediately. Came back with a sticky hat trap not caring what I looked like, not that anybody saw me. It's just amazing how effective solo cup traps work, first time I've worn one though. Went from surrounded to almost none by the time I was done and only suffered one bite.
  2. 1968

    12VDC wire?

    waytekwire.com has great wire plus other supplies, and is local. Puts regular store wire to shame.
  3. This has really been the best hole hopping device you could ask for. Reel up, lift the ducer, and drive over another hole. Haven't even bothered with a sleeve for a while. Hate to see the season winding down. Had a productive run and definitely going to need some rug doctoring when it's done!
  4. The largemouth action has been heating up while chasing the gills the last couple weeks. Well I had on what I was hoping to be the biggest gill yet but as it got close to the slightly slush covered hole my line went slack. Thought it got off for a split second until a smallish largemouth shot out of the hole and halfway in to my ice fishing car. It almost hit me in the face which would make it at least a 3 foot jump! I've had a northern or two help themselves halfway out a hole but never a fish that took some serious air.
  5. Caught my first ever last weekend. Best fight of the winter which should have prevented me from initially thinking it was an eelpout when the head came up the hole. Definitely hard to grasp! Sent it back down.
  6. Well it is here right now, to the point this post should be moved down to sillytown. Was the OP trying to stir the pot? I don't know. The title started in the right section. Just have to wait and see on early ice out, which I'm against. The good news is the ice put on 2-3 inches last week, I can no longer K-drill from inside my car. This weeks forecast could add some more. Those that cater to sleds have to be doing good,, most traffic I've seen for years and mostly new machines running around. Lots of money being spent. This challenging winter (aren't they all?) has helped further diminish my want for a wheelhouse. Since I've shifted from beer drinking to catching fish this comes to mind when considering wheel or skid houses-
  7. To be equally fair, the title talks ice out in the ice fishing section, so lets talk ice out. Maybe even argue if early ice out is good or bad. Otherwise this belongs at the bottom of this forum at this point.
  8. Good grief! Even ice out is political now. Clearly some of you need to go ice fishing before global warming ruins this season.. Been doing my part for the bait shops this winter by spilling a large tub of waxies every time out.
  9. Just another normal winter as far as I'm concerned, other than beating my getting out on early ice record 3 times over.
  10. Well the portable wheel house rocks! Sure gets the looks though, a few sleds always stop to take pics. All of the them rubber neck my way. Hole hopped from the drivers seat without ever stepping outside the whole time out last sunday in the strong winds. Pretty much had the lake to myself, I like that.. Took a while but I found aggressive biters. Never even sleeved the hole and had wind only come in once when a collapsed side of the cone around a hole scooped air upwards. Starting with a warm car and dressed at a medium level I don't even need heat if it's at least upper 20's, and that's without sunshine. Also, after thinking about it and reading the regs I bought a shelter license and sharpied my dnr# on a window. "Wheeled fish houses" seemed pretty clear. Now the big question, can I crack a beer without having to exit the car? I feel it should be boating rules while out on a lake in a licensed fish house.
  11. I remember the very high index around the 96/97 winter. Actually that was the first I ever heard of it. Made sense though. We were riding the NSST north of Silver Bay and one of our wrong turns brought us to two mountains of roadkill deer carcasses. The roads were the only means of travel for them. That was the deepest snow I ever encountered sledding. At one overlook I stepped off the side of the packed trail and went over waist deep, needed to grab the sled to climb back out.. The 3 sided log shelter at this spot only had a gopher hole in the snow to get down in it! Hope Feb isn't a repeat of last year..
  12. Is it too soon to worry about winter kill with all this early snow and 8 inches of white ice?
  13. Don't think I want to straddle any cracks with my car.. I did drill/hole hop from the drivers seat this weekend, then got in back when I found some action. That worked great as the dead stick ended up being the better method. I pulled the R cover off at highway speed this weekend. It seemed to be a slightly negative pressure with only minor turbulence towards the rear of the hole. Could be risky unless you sit down and plug the hole with your behind, space toilet style. That would obviously present other risks, I regularly see roadkill porcupines in my travels. .
  14. Got the kit and an extra 3 bottles for this season. Also got some brass caps for good measure. Gotta keep the buddy heaters and the fryin saucer well fed! May only take one ice season to break even.
  15. Rattle reel was put on the list early on during the build. Chrysler minivans with stow-and-go seats removed are a good candidate. Those compartments might even get away with the 9 inch sleeves readily available at FF. Whatever you look at, check for obstructions.
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