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  1. I remember the very high index around the 96/97 winter. Actually that was the first I ever heard of it. Made sense though. We were riding the NSST north of Silver Bay and one of our wrong turns brought us to two mountains of roadkill deer carcasses. The roads were the only means of travel for them. That was the deepest snow I ever encountered sledding. At one overlook I stepped off the side of the packed trail and went over waist deep, needed to grab the sled to climb back out.. The 3 sided log shelter at this spot only had a gopher hole in the snow to get down in it! Hope Feb isn't a repeat of last year..
  2. Is it too soon to worry about winter kill with all this early snow and 8 inches of white ice?
  3. Don't think I want to straddle any cracks with my car.. I did drill/hole hop from the drivers seat this weekend, then got in back when I found some action. That worked great as the dead stick ended up being the better method. I pulled the R cover off at highway speed this weekend. It seemed to be a slightly negative pressure with only minor turbulence towards the rear of the hole. Could be risky unless you sit down and plug the hole with your behind, space toilet style. That would obviously present other risks, I regularly see roadkill porcupines in my travels. .
  4. Got the kit and an extra 3 bottles for this season. Also got some brass caps for good measure. Gotta keep the buddy heaters and the fryin saucer well fed! May only take one ice season to break even.
  5. Rattle reel was put on the list early on during the build. Chrysler minivans with stow-and-go seats removed are a good candidate. Those compartments might even get away with the 9 inch sleeves readily available at FF. Whatever you look at, check for obstructions.
  6. Catch covers http://catchcover.com come with tight fitting lids. I also filled in the dead space underneath them and their frames with expanding foam. There is a 1/2 inch difference between holes so there is a left and right sleeve. Glad I didnt home brew a hatch and bucket system. Drilling was done from the back seat. Should be good to almost 2 feet of ice. The auger is easily accessible from in or out. For hole hopping I plan on using the bird with the lakemaster card to lay a path with the car, getting out to drill that path, then hopping without a sleeve. If that is too drafty I might try a 9 inch sleeve that gives a 4 inch gap. Could take all season to dial it in but the maiden voyage had me smiling.
  7. Leech- I will only leave the car running if I'm hole hopping from the drivers seat or for extreme cold. Window icing from the buddy heater will also factor in. The wind and ventilation options of 4 windows kept me completley clear sunday. All windows made excellent use of tbe 5 minutes of mid day sunshine.. Thanks for the positive feedback. It's been 100% with the guys. Had a gawker at the first fill up. For the most part the women are huh? Bring on some more ice!
  8. Well a 1/4 inch gap was about right to allow for suspension movement. Tested it out last sunday and hardly noticed the 45mph gusts.
  9. Thought I would add that distance will vary slightly depending on cargo. I put two catch covers in my car!
  10. What does everyone like for hole sleeve length? Right to the ice, 1/2 or 1 inch off? Just a day fishing/run and gun rig so freeze in is not a huge concern.
  11. 1968

    Ice Reports

    Found 6 inches everywhere last sunday, and I covered quite a bit of ground. Studded bike tires are great and the old trap2 on skis tows like it's barely there!
  12. 1968

    Ice Reports

    Punched a lot of holes and found 4 inches, 2 hours north of town yesterday. One northern on a tiny jig/waxie. Pretty sure my hand auger is already done for this season.
  13. Or sacrificing a door speaker to retrieve a pair of discontinued Snap On bent tip needle nose pliers some putz kicked down the hole?
  14. All good flicks for the first bunch but you haven't gone full Cage without Vampire's Kiss. Raising Arizona would be my #1 though.
  15. Scrap is way down. $45 a ton in Mora last weekend, up from 30 the week before. Was 90-100 months ago.
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