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  1. Or sacrificing a door speaker to retrieve a pair of discontinued Snap On bent tip needle nose pliers some putz kicked down the hole?
  2. All good flicks for the first bunch but you haven't gone full Cage without Vampire's Kiss. Raising Arizona would be my #1 though.
  3. Scrap is way down. $45 a ton in Mora last weekend, up from 30 the week before. Was 90-100 months ago.
  4. No tips here other than a comprehensive plan will also involve dealing with your surplus of snake food should you kill them. Anything that eats what eats or nests in my stuff is beneficial in my book. Think positive. The front patio is now your quiet place.
  5. Scavengers need to eat too.. This last weekend I saw the most conscientious deer ever. Looked both ways a couple times and crossed at the best possible moment. Better than most people.
  6. Grilling for me is a continuous season. I could never spend a lot on something that is perpetually put away and stored wet. Don't even fix them anymore. Been running Charbroil tru-infrared's with the "stainless" grates and really like their cooking action. 3 burner at home, a patio size round for camp and their cast aluminum portable unit to cover all bases. Different stores have different versions of the same grill, usually "stainless" vs porcelain coated steel grates. Wasn't trying but ended up with a smart grill last fall on a deep clearance deal. Kept it dumb so far, but like the built in propane scale. The light up burner knobs also help with not forgetting about burn off after dark.
  7. Goodwill for cheap skis. I've contemplated this same thing, but I tend to overbuild and would likely end up with a permanent grade hub house.
  8. Eating frequently generates a bite, fish seem to know when my guard is down. Sandwich bag is not just a fish slime condom, it also allows me to safely set it down in a hurry.
  9. Want to protect my new Helix 7 and was looking for some input. I left the factory protection film on last weekend and didn't have any trouble seeing, sheltered or outside.
  10. Gave the new helix a 3 day test. I like it! My only complaint is that it's a bit of a battery hog. I really like the zoom on it. At 8x I can just about check my pulse as it picks up the tiniest of rod/line movements. I mean as small a movement that can be made with a tiny pelkie jig. Seemed just a bit better than my fl20 at doing a waxie count on the jig too. Dropping the gain 1 point was the only adjustment needed. Still keeping the fl18 and 20 for backup.. I had to ask my friend with his fl18 if he was hoovering the ice shack.
  11. Chip is on the list, but will wait to see how good the included mapping is. Making my own will be great as there are no detailed maps for a lot of water I fish. I may have triggered someone here with that link. 2 more sold since my last post. Seller also has the 5 for a good price. My eyes aint getting any younger though!
  12. I needed something newer in the boat so I got a helix ice 7 coming tomorrow and will be wet by Friday. I already have a vex 8,18, and 20 so it better blow my socks off! The 8's days might be numbered.. The ability to make your own lake maps really appealed to me as I like more out of the way places. I ice fished so much last year the noise of the vex started to wear on me. Terrible problem right? haha I needed another good reason to get out in the boat more too.. Nobody had them in town nearby so I shopped price and who could get it to me asap. Decided yesterday to do this and "needed" it by tomorrow. This seller offered both price and speed. Helix ice 7 549.00 shipped
  13. 1968

    Such A Tease.

    Test hole on an Aitkin county area lake 20 feet from shore yesterday evening. The morning before got just a stomp test 10 feet from shore and not a single crack or tremor. Locked up all the way across, but there are some scary looking dark spots in the snow way out there. The end of hand auger season is in sight!
  14. 1968

    Japanese beetles

    Like when my new cherry tree was completely stripped that year and then only had minor damage since trapping started? Did the university go 4 traps per yard? Many variables and schools never prepare anyone for all possibilities. My next door neighbor says mouse trapping is futile. Just like jap beetles now, it is a never ending process but I will never stop controlling them to minimize damage. BTW, my lawn has not suffered from my beetle invitations. If it does, then milky spore is next. The cost and tedious application has kept me from doing this thus far. This also does nothing for all my neighbors or 3 Rivers Parks bugs. I have thought of a way to bring neighbors on board, but they won't like it. Just buy a bunch of bait packs with snag devices applied and launch them up in to trees a few blocks from home. Did the U try that???
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