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  1. You will get muskys an panfish an some largemouth bass. lots of Musky in there But you will have a hard time getting one over 30 inches.
  2. letsfishjeff

    Must Have Lures.....

    I got to have the 7 to 9 inch Grandmas also like the DOC
  3. letsfishjeff

    So how did the MN Musky Opener treat you all...

    Not so good here. Went to leech an didnt even see one. I thought it was to early but wanted to try! Wind an rain. was still fun.
  4. letsfishjeff

    Dirt Bike trails?

    Does anyone know of trails to ride off road motorcycles? Can you ride them on the Soo line? I know the red top is off limits. But I need to find some trails other than Wisconsin. Thanks in advance!
  5. letsfishjeff

    97 xc adjustable shock

    I can fill an charge your shocks! I dont know if you have the equipment to do it or not. Costs a bit of money for some specility tools for shocks. I have been doing quite a few this year. I didnt like the dealer prices!
  6. letsfishjeff

    97 xc adjustable shock

    Call Jim at Deycore in stillwater he can fix you right up! Also if you broke a hose you need to change the oil in the shock an recharge it. I can help you with that. I assume you have the Ride FX or Fox shock. I am also sure your dealer can set you up for under 50.00. I just got done with a ditch pickel for around 50.00
  7. letsfishjeff

    FYI Shelter regestration update

    Upon renewal for my drivers licence MN has has a new look to the card! Not only that but you are issued a new DL mumber! So now that you have defaced your portables once already with your DL to display private info you have to redo your mumbers to match your new current MN DL. After talking with the Dept of transportaion an Dnr The officers are aware of this problem. However if its not changed it is at the discretion of the officer on whether or not to give you a ticket~! I just got my new renewal on the 28th of DEC! Now the number does not match any of my current lincence or registration. Just a little heads up for the future!
  8. letsfishjeff

    71-72 Arctic Cat Lynx wanted

    Shoot me another email somehow I deleated your address
  9. letsfishjeff

    71-72 Arctic Cat Lynx wanted

    I have one that my kids may be willing to let me sell!! shoot me a email an I can send you pics. [email protected]
  10. letsfishjeff

    Fox shock rebuilding

    Thanks guys I will check them out. The one in St Cloud sound super!
  11. letsfishjeff

    Fox shock rebuilding

    Does anyone know where I can get rebuilds done cheaper than the dealers in the north metro? Mine went flat last season and need a good rebuild. Probably need new seals, oil, and a charge.
  12. letsfishjeff

    1997 ext 580 dlx engine swap?

    Dont make really any differnce Still have to change wiring make motor mounts not to mention the clutching changes. If it is a twin probly cheaper for a rebuild. Or sell it for parts to rebuild the zr chassis. just my two cents!!!
  13. letsfishjeff

    1997 ext 580 dlx engine swap?

    It can be done but its a LOT OF WORK! I just rebuilt my 600 from the crank on up for under 500.00! Thats new bearings on the crank seals pistons and boring of all three cylinders! Thats a good deal for a new engine!
  14. letsfishjeff

    Snowmobile repair in No. Metro area

    Why did it sit so long? Any how I can maybe help you out
  15. 1980s Alumacraft very nice 12'Jon boat 1970s johnson 6hp motor an gas tank runs super. zercom flasher. 1 boat seat an roberts rod holder. An newer paddles. All on a nice trailer with new tires an bearing buddies. I live close to the rum river an thats where I use it. Absolutly NO LEAKS!or dents. Licensed till 2006 an perm on the trailer.