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  1. the eagles in detroit lakes, mn is holding their 14th annual walleye tourney below is their link for all the information eagles 14th annual walleye tourney
  2. thanks for the replies, yes it was the pump. i replaced it and now every thing is better, again thank you
  3. i have lived at this house for 4 years now and on sunday nite i went to sink and there was little pressure there. i checked the pressure gauge and it was on 20 lbs. now i dont know how deep the well is but it has been there for 16 years , but it has a 4 inch pipe with a submersible pump into it. my thought is that the pump is shot or the fins are wore out that is why it can only build pressue up to 20 lbs. i do get water out but the pump runs all the time, any help on this would be greatly appreciated
  4. cva pro magnum 150 grains pyrodex 180 grain hollow point sabot
  5. wundering if anybody knows what the chance of getting a refund of a general deer licence? my dad just had a double bi-pass this morning, doubt if he will beable to participate this year. so any info on this would sure help me out or i will have to call out there and talk to somebody regarding this. thanks alot p.s. so far every thing is o.k.
  6. Congrats on your draw, as for me it took 4 years of applying and i finally got drawn this year. We plan on hitting the ashland area, i was there about 8 years ago and took a few doe's seen alot of nice bucks hope they are still there ha ha. taking my dad with probably be his last hunt cause of his health condition and he is getting up there in age so if anybody could give me an update of that area i would greatly appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for the replies, i guess i'm going to start out slow again. The dog has all the commands down good, hope i can get him over this. I'll let you know how it goes, thanks again
  8. I have a 1.5 year old male chocolate lab and he is gun shy right now. Does anybody know what i can do to help correct this problem? Last fall he was hunting great but then towards the end he wanted to go back to the truck soon as i shoot. Any advice would be greatful
  9. I was wundering how hard it is to find land to hunt on, and if there is many geese around bigstone lake? this would be my first outting for snows and just want to hunt for a few days. any info would be appreciated guys, so help out fellow hunter who wants to get the winter blues gone
  10. cooter if you are serious about next year maybe we could get together and i could show you a few spots, i know there is quite a few around because i know some guys that trap 5 each year.
  11. I believe you have to buy a nonres small game hunting license, and then if you get a cat, go to the dnr dept. to register the animal. you have to have the carcase with you and then they put a tag on the pelt and take the carcase. in minnesota you can take up to 5 cats by trapping or hunting. hope this helps you out, good luck. i heard of a guy few years ago getting cats with his hounds, sounds like it would be a blast.
  12. I would say and seen his work on replicas that TED PILGRIM in park rapids does an excellent job on reps or the real thing. I picked up my deer mount late this summer and there was a walleye on his table and i thought it was the real macoy but it was a replica. If you want it done right i would suggest him.
  13. I was wunder if anybody knew why in minnesota we cant use a scope on our muzzle loaders? most of the other states allow it, or maybe there is a web site out there pertaining to this. I heard from one guy they just about passed it for this year but i dont know if he really knew what he was saying. So if anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I live in the park rapids area and im seeing the morning bite is better and lasts longer than the evening bite. In the evening they are bitting but only lasts for about 1/2 hour not anymore. The morning i will catch fish for a period of up to 2 hours, i know it depends on the area and the lakes but up here there is alot of lakes and they have alot less pressure than you guys have down there. I try and get out there about one hour before light so im settled in before they start to bite, so if you have a walleye spot down there i would try it if you have time. the saying is a bad fishing still beats a good day at work. good luck
  15. my opion is the guy in the truck did nothing wrong for what you said he did, its state land your on and its a public road. now it would be different if he honked his horn or did anything to scare the deer off, besides you said you wouldnt of shot him anyway. my suggestion is maybe get a little further from the road if possible. good luck on your hunting
  16. just to let you know i found the deer early this morning, she went thru the corn and ended up about 5 yards in the woods, a total of 45 yards. i have tried a 300 grain sabot with 150 grains of powder and what a difference it dropped about 7 feet. now i know what my setup will do to a deer, also when i practiced at 250 yards you could just make out the sound of the bullet hitting the plywood and it was a fraction of a sec before it hit. i know a deer will never hear the shot before the bullet hits him. 14 more days to find the big boy
  17. Could anybody help me out? this is the first year i went muzzle loader hunting, im using 150 grains of powder and an 180 grain sabot. i shot this with very good groups at 100 yards and pretty good gruops at 250, tonite i shot at a doe at 150 yards feeling really confinate. when i shot she bolted right away, my question is how big of a hole does this bullet make and how much damage does it do when it goes thru the deer with out hitting any bones. any info on previous deer shot with a muzzle loader will help me out until i acually she the damage myself. i know i hit the deer and i plan on looking all day if it comes down to it. thanks in advance and good luck hunting
  18. I believe what it says in the regs if you are using steel shot you dont need to have blaze orange on when your grouse hunting or i should say when you are duck hunting , but walking from one pond to another and you see a grouse you can shoot it. i believe this would apply to shooting a pheasant while you are duck hunting. If im wrong would someone clarify this. Anyhow congrats on the bonus bird, not too many pheasants have been shot over a spread
  19. Could anybody give us a report of the no. around devils lake? just wundering if the snows are down yet and in the area.
  20. Heading out to DL at the end of the month, wundering how hard it is to find a spot to hunt in that area? I have hunted the south east part of the state but never around DL Looking for snows for the main hunt, any info would be appreciated
  21. when you said you placed traps outside of the dirt hole set in a circle did you place them on a hump or anything higher than the surrounding groud or was it all the same level? Thanks for the info
  22. would anybody be willing to give alittle advice on what type of set works good on trapping these cats? and what a guy should use for bait or a call scent. I have been after these for 3 years with no success, i just want one to hang up with all the other pelts i have.
  23. I would like to recieve an entry form for next year, is there a phone no. i can call you at? im already in a tourney on the 25th of sept. its only a one day i sure am interested in your 2 day next year . thanks alot and plan on seeing me next year
  24. Just heard today about a 2 day walleye tourney on the 5th & 6th of august, Any info would be helpful. THANKS
  25. Thanks for the reply, i will be giving you a call. I might beable to come out the last week of oct, cause deer opener here is the 5th of nov. Again thanks
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