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  1. I gotta question. I know it doesnt relly fit into this topic but it kinda does. How old do you have to be before you can buy a hunting license without taking the firearm stafety class? I have a friend who would like to go out hunting for some pheasant but he hasnt taken gun safety yet. I wanna know if he can buy a license or if he has to wait until the next gun safety course comes around. Thanks ------------------ Big D
  2. CD, How is the pheasant hunting out in montevideo this year? i used to go out there deer hunting and pheasant hunting in my spare time. Im going to try to get out there sometime in the next week or two. ------------------ Big D [This message has been edited by Big_D (edited 10-13-2003).]
  3. Well I have decided to hold another year on making a permanent ice house so i can afford one of those Road King trailers. So I have decided to buy a new auger which is the better buy? I know the Strikemaster is faster but i heard it ices up easy. I need help! Even though i wont buy one for another month or two. ------------------ Big D
  4. I usually fish in about 15-18 feet of water for pike at one of the city lakes and I was wondering when the pike would be moving in. I have been to this lake earlier this year and havent even got one bite yet. I know the action really heats up there in early July but I was wondering if the action wil be good before that. ------------------ Big D
  5. I dont know where you live but right now it is pouring outside in the cities. So the weather isnt looking very good. ------------------ Big D
  6. I have never intentionaly tried to catch bowfins so I dont know exactly how to catch them and where they are. I have caught many but it was by accident when I was fishing for walleyes and sunfish and stuff like that. You could probably catch them on lures they are a predator fish. They also are always surfacing on top of the water so some top water lures might do the trick. Thats about all that I know. ------------------ Big D
  7. Dont listen to him he is just being a loser. No he wasnt number 3 and I dont know why he was trying to start something at the game. ------------------ Big D
  8. I wouldnt be afraid about going down there fishing I am down there all of the time and I have never been approached by anyone down there. The only reason that it was posted to bring a knife when you go down there is for your guys saftey. I just try to stay away from anyone who looks wierd walking around up there. If your afraid to go down there alone then go with someone else. If you post when you are going to go down there me or Lunker have been down there the last few weekends. If teenagers will go down there alone then you guys should be able to. Bobb-o what do you catch the northerns and smallies off of? The person who showed me the spot said that it isnt good during the summer. How far into summer do it usually start down there? I might try down there this weekend if I have time after my baseball game and before work. ------------------ Big D
  9. Yeah that was me down there. We didnt catch a thing after you left. We would have stayed down there later but we had to get out of there to go to the Twins game. I might try down there again but I am not sure yet. ------------------ Big D
  10. Me and a couple of my friends will be heading down there sometime over spring break. I am not sure when but we were talking about this weekend. I will talk to my friends at baseball practice today and post when we plan on going down there. What has been biting down there other than carp? ------------------ Big D
  11. I like Stren 6lb. ------------------ Big D
  12. I went down there on saturday and didnt catch much. 1 carp 4 or 5 sheephead. The fishing is starting to get really bad down there and the water is up about 5 feet from last weekend. I also tried the spot were the minnehaha creek goes into the river down by the ford dam. Nothin. We didnt stay there long since the water was so much shallower than usual. Its down about 5 feet lower than I saw it all last year. Might try one of those spots next weekend, and I will probably be down there alot since spring break starts. ------------------ Big D
  13. Chief I looked on Cabelas and the C4 reel has a 3.8:1 ratio not a 6.3:1. Is it still a better reel? ------------------ Big D
  14. Big_D

    HEAT WAVE!!!

    I dont know about you guys but I had my stuff reasy to go months ago. I have been open water fishing for the last month and a half! Certain spots on the river have been open all winter. But yes I love this weather. We might be on the lakes by next weekend! ------------------ Big D
  15. If it were up to me I would head down to the river. And I plan to, to fish for eyes. I was down at the river a lot last year and that was were I had my most fishing luck. ------------------ Big D
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