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  1. Anytime you can go after the fourth of July each year is a good time. Keep in mind that the weather is a critical factor in planning a trip up there. Don't get in the situation "that you have to get home" when traveling back to Grand Portage, that's when people get in trouble. Its been a while since I fished up there but just east of the Rock of Ages lighthouse and on the SE side of the island are good spots to fish as any.
  2. They dredged the City Harbor this winter, so yes there's finally enough water under the boat this year. Graph said 6.5 feet. Lots of problems over there with that issue, many of the charters are now in the City Marina this year too.
  3. If you're talking about the Winchester Ballistic silver tips, it's all I use for deer hunting. I use them in my 7mm Mag & 25-06, and now this year my son is going hunting for the first time and he'll be using them in his .243, love 'em!
  4. I've decided to do it! I took the big boat to Algoma for the season. Took it over last weekend. It was really nice that it snowed as I was leaving! Temps were 37 that night, good thing the heat works great. I look forward to spending every other weekend there all summer I hope. Anyway, if you guys are over there please stop by and introduce yourselves, I'm in the city marina B16. "End of the Line"
  5. If you do decide to get the trolling plate consider getting out your hole saw and putting about a 2" hole right trough the center prop area. The plate is still going to slow your speed down plenty and this allow you more control by letting some water flow through. Otherwise a drift sock is probably going to be too light of material to last. Have one made of heavy canvas in the shape of a funnel. To adjust the speed with it lift or lower the rear of the "funnel" for drag. I've used one for years. Not as good as a kicker obviously, but it will certainly work just fine. Just mount it about mid-section to keep it away from your trolling gear.
  6. With all the smelt around there's plenty of competition out there for your stickbaits so don't be too discouraged this weekend if you get out and don't find the fish bite too hot. The main presentation to try would be stickbaits near the surface as mentioned already. Trying to find warmer water and shallow depths might be the key. Don't be afraid to run your board lines in real shallow in search of fish. I've caught fish on the boards in less that 10' of water. Good luck on your first trip!
  7. A lot of it has to do with personal preference, what kind of set-up, as mentioned above, price, durability, the type of salmon fishing you're actually doing, and experience level of who is handling the rod, and what kind of rod it is all has some factor into too. I like braided on most everything, but I can see why I others wouldn't use it based on their fishing ability and what type of fishing they're doing.
  8. I've been on several in the Algoma Wi area and south all the way to Racine. I cant speak for Sturgeon Bay and into Door County. If I had to pick one I think Kinn's Katch out of Algoma is the one I'd choose. Late June through mid-July I think offers the best catch rate. Probably not the best size but still very decent. June adds a few more Steelhead too if you like a little variety.
  9. Sorry to hi-jack this thread a bit, Bran32, I saw your signature, if my memory serves me right that's the year that the Federal Reserve was set up too. Funny how it's not Federal or has any reserves.... Have you ever read the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island"? just curious.
  10. I have a Blackhawk holster and some of the others mentioned, many are very nice. To me the best holster to consider isn't even a holster if you're talking CCW though. Look at the "Packin Tee" or the 5.11 Tactical holster shirt. I like the gun high and tight, and these are the best place to do that comfortably (best concealment). Each has a different advantage. The Tee is a better, tighter holster, and is slightly adjustable, however that makes it harder to remove the gun quickly. The holster also comes in two sizes and you can even get extra ammo clips holsters concealed on the side you don't use. The 5.11 shirt is great except I find it to be a little itchy at the seams. It doesn't hold the gun quite as good as the Packing Tee, but it's much easier to roll the gun out because it rolls out to the front. Both are ambidextrous. Options in black or white and neck options. If you're on the fence about the size of either shirt to get, get the next size larger. Hope this helps.
  11. The Traxtech, and all other brands, are universally designed to accept almost all manufacturers equipment so that it's all interchangeable. I have had them on my last three boats and recommend them to anyone. Just make sure they are solidly mounted if your using them for heavy equipment like downriggers and rod holders designed for heavy strains like dipsey divers and such.
  12. I have gone at various times from June through Oct. to that area. I particularly like late June. Water is warm enough to bring in all the Kings, and cold enough usually too, to find quite a few Steelhead out in the deeper depths near the surface. Many times you can hit the Kings in the early morning hours till mid-morning, then simply troll to deeper waters and add a few top water baits to the spread to catch Steelhead while still hitting the Kings. One year we had way more steelheads then Kings, and that's a nice way to change it up a bit. Second choice would be in early to mid-July when all the Kings seem to be more concentrated before later in the year when the big Kings start staging and the smaller ones are still roaming all over.
  13. Hello, I am looking at bringing my boat over to Algoma for the season and looking for a slip. I have been coming to Algoma for 10 years now. I would like a permanent spot for my 31' boat with a draw of 2'6". We love the Algoma City marina but with the city Marina's low water and dredging issues I am looking for something else that would suit my needs. I have been doing a lot of calling in the Algoma/Kewaunee area, if anyone has some info on how the Marina may be solving the problem for next season or knows of another option that I can count on for next season I'd really appreciate the info. I have talked to Mike at Kewaunee, and Jim for on the river in Algoma and have no firm spots yet. Thanks.
  14. My boys got to go to Engelstad in July for a hockey camp. They were so excited to go to the "Sioux arena" to play. For the last few years I've been loading up on Sioux jerseys for myself and the kids for the next 20 years; I will still wear them to every game I attend. Next thing you know the NCAA will start kicking me out of games because I'll be wearing the Sioux jersey! So much for freedom of speech in this country! Sioux pride forever! Glad its over for now too.
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