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  1. thanks for the write-up - and great pics! hopefully these stories will keep me interested until i have my own west hunt. good luck to all
  2. This looks promising. Usually have the little guys but a little more age in these two.
  3. With opener this weekend i am hoping i can get a short hair cape. I have a rack from early season i would like to get on a shoulder mount. If anyone takes a buck this weekend and isn't going to do a shoulder mount, i would be interested in the cape. I can come and cape it if you are close also. Good luck everyone. Pm me if you have one. Thanks.
  4. Gonna take a shot at the dakotas this year. tentatively planning ND for opener and beginning of November. With a week in SD sometime in October. Scattered in with chasing deer here in MN.
  5. Just a beautiful morning.
  6. oh - you aren't done yet. Great! Congrats to your son.
  7. Buy the one that feels the best in your hand. I may not be the one you are thinking.
  8. GREAT STUFF!!!!! again, thanks for taking the time to share and you and all have a wonderful Christmas.
  9. Back at it again today. Different spot in the woods. Hoping for some boys out cruising these ridges. Nothing so far. Did have this guy on camera just after dark last night. He probably would get an arrow if presented a shot.
  10. They are turks. No deer yet though
  11. Anyone else out this balmy morning? Pretty quiet so far for me.
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