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  1. St_Croix_Banks

    Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard?

    ordered leafguard---i'll let you know how it goes. Thanks.
  2. St_Croix_Banks

    Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard?

    Foam inserts not an viable option IMO. I know LG is nice, and with a 4/12 pitch on my roof I'm don't think I need to be concerned with water running over them during heavy rains. I'm surprised no one has chimed in on Gutter Helmet---they've been in business for 30 years.
  3. St_Croix_Banks

    Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard?

    He guys- Had both companies out to bid and wondered if anyone had any experience with either. I read a few comments from happy Leaf Guard customers when I searched but nothing on Gutter Helmet. The are both pretty comparable in price, not sure I like the way Gutter Helmet installs over 1st shingle and under the 2nd. But that may have advantages too with shingle wear on the 1st row. But I have a brand new roof and don't really want to mess with it. Thoughts?
  4. St_Croix_Banks

    26 or 28

    Looking at Beretta 12ga Silver pigeon O/U almost exclusively for pheasant. Some rec trap shooting . Should I go with 28" barrel or 26"? Former O/U was Ruger Red Label with 26"
  5. St_Croix_Banks

    Left hand youth bow

    I was faced with the same decision for my 9 yr old (petite) daughter. I recall when I looked at a diamond infinite edge they didn't have a lefty. Agree the apprentice is great for beginners and NASP. My daughter expressed interest in hunting (she sits in blind with me) and so I went with Mission Menace. She loves it, comes in cool colors and is very adjustable---and she can grow with it. More money yes, but it will last her years. Also like the lifetime warranty of Mission/Mathews especially for kids who can be hard on equipment.
  6. St_Croix_Banks

    charging glow jigs

    Lure Lighting here too
  7. Well done. I've got a GWP also but just tested NA so far. I may go for UT next Spring but my dog is an excellent meat hunter which is what I'm really after. Did you get your dog from Jeff J @ Top Shelf Kennels? I think he is in your neck of the woods and has really nice dogs from what I hear.
  8. St_Croix_Banks

    Best pheasant load out there??

    +3 on Fiocchi Golden Pheasant. Had problems with 2nd barrel not firing on my Ruger Red Label with the Prairie Storm. Not sure why or if its shell related. Had GM go thru the gun but will stick with Fiocchi from now on.
  9. St_Croix_Banks

    German Wirehair Pointer owners

    I've heard of the furminator but don't know anyone that has used one--so thanks for the report. The clipping I am going to do is just like her eyelashes, beard, etc. Those areas around her face that can collect burrs and limit her vision. I may give the furminator a try---I see AMZN has them for about $22.
  10. St_Croix_Banks

    German Wirehair Pointer owners

    Do any of you groom/clip your dogs. I never have but my current dog has some major "furnishings." I was looking for a HSOforum or youtube video with some demonstrations. Mainly looking to groom around the head/eyes.
  11. St_Croix_Banks

    Kids on Fishing (video with some good tips)

    I heard them say fish the middle of the lake.....but I need the "spot on the spot!" Come on now kids! Love it.
  12. St_Croix_Banks

    Lower Unit Oil Leak

    What did the pressure test cost you?
  13. St_Croix_Banks

    So what was everyone's haul at the show?

    A couple of DownEast rod holders and line counter reals. Gonna give trolling a shot this year.
  14. St_Croix_Banks

    AIS Meeting tonight---open to public

    Received this email today: Hello from St. Paul, Tonight, Senator Sieben and I will be hosting a town meeting in Hastings regarding aquatic invasive species. The event will be held at 7:00 pm at the Pheasant Hill Library in Hastings, and I hope you can join us. Many of you have seen the news stories of the flying carp leaping out of the Mississippi River. Not only do they present the obvious hazard to boaters, but they are extremely detrimental to native fish as they consume the food supply. Recently, these carp were found near Winona, so it’s clear they are making their way upstream and have entered Minnesota. Now lawmakers must determine how to stop their spread. Steve Hirsch, who is the DNR’s Director of Economical Resources, will also be on hand tonight to discuss how we can deal with this problem. Please join us as well tonight if you are free. As for our legislative session, we are down to the final three weeks before we are expected to adjourn. I expect legislative leadership to have many discussions with Governor Dayton during this time in order to find consensus on the numerous jobs bills we’ve passed, as well as bonding bill legislation. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have a Vikings stadium bill before us before session adjourns. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. I can be reached at 437-2597 or [email protected] Keep in touch, Denny
  15. St_Croix_Banks

    Invasive Species Decal

    Exactly the point! The intention of the sticker is to create awareness and create discussion for many that maybe do not often launch their boats in multiple locations several times per week. This thread is already 9 pages long so I'd say its working!