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  1. I agree on the zipper. The way the livewell are set up now, you have take the fish out one at time and head first. But I love having the fish alive all day and you do not have to hear them flopping in the bucket. Also, gives the option at the end of the day to release the fish if there are not enough fish to clean.
  2. I had a walleye (31", 12lb 4oz) mount done by Artistic Anglers. The mount was a perfect replica!!! However, double the time he tells you. If you want a plate (description etc) get it yourself as they sub it out and they do not know how to spell (took 3 tries).
  3. Yes they stand behind their transducers if they fail. They do not or do I expect them to replace a transducer that I damaged. I also have bought 2 new transducers from them in the past because a chord was wore out from rubbing.
  4. For the most part, the vexilar would only mark jig/fish on the 9 degree setting. You could mark on 12 and 20 degree setting only if you turned gain on real high; which distorted eerything.
  5. I went into Vexilar/motorclinic this morning. I set my fl22 on the counter and service person says "Don't even tell me whats wrong, I already know." He tested my tri-beam transducer (bad) gave me a choice of new tri-beam or the new ProView transducer. I chose the ProView transducer. I was out the door in 5 minutes with a new transducer installed and a towel at no charge. This is the third time in 13 years I have brought a vexilar in for some sort of work and yet have to leave there with paying a dime.
  6. I use them extensively in the Summer for walleyes. I have always (except Rainy River in early spring) out produce people in same boat using minnows and leeches. Saying that, I have tried them twice this winter and they did not produce compared to fat heads on LOW. On one trip this winter, I was catching 80 fishing a day. I tried for an hour with crawler on one and minnow on other. Minnow out fished worm 7 to 1. I probably did not try long enough.
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