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  1. BID2

    how much snow you get?

    13"-18" near Marcell. I went out and took dome pics of what it looks like around these parts. I hope the plow comes soon. I have a Forestry Math Finale at 8:00am tomorrow morning. And this is what it "should" look like.
  2. BID2


    I am near Marcell, 30 miles north of GR, and I got about 15" here at the B.I. I drove out to the mailbox this morning and almost didnt make it. There were 3 foot drifts across the my road. My plow guy needs to come.
  3. BID2

    Vikes vs. Lions

    ya but we won. Do the viking fans around here ever quit cryin' and [PoorWordUsage]? Maybe if your looking for a loser you should go over to greenbay. They always have room for one more loser.
  4. BID2

    2008 Green Bay Packers

    [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  5. BID2

    Williams Wall Suspended

    Hes just mad. I heard his cousin just broke up with him. oh, and the pack lost AGAIN.
  6. BID2

    2008 Green Bay Packers

  7. BID2

    Vikes vs. Lions

    Should be? 41-13 vikes will be. 17-14 vikes
  8. BID2

    Tree marking in the forest

    Unless they are put there by some timber company. They are survey markings. "Survey" as in a study, like a growth survey, or amount of carbon in an area etc. They are reference points put there for use while the study is happening. The forestry uses what ever color paint happens to be in the truck/garage when they leave. We use pink, orange, blue. There is a HUGE amount of research going on in the Chippewa National Forest.
  9. BID2

    Tree marking in the forest

    They are likely marks for variouse surveys. Carbon surveys, Growth surveys etc. EX: All the dominate trees on the outer edge of an 8m circle would be marked. The Northern Research station in GR is out all the time conducting many surveys and they/we are marking almost all our stations in some fashion. Usually. Maybe they could be boundary markings or old ribbons marking some sort of trail. Also the logging industry may be doing some marking for future work.
  10. BID2

    Mountin Lion near greenbush

    Dude....!!!! C'mon. time to get with it.
  11. BID2

    The "Original" Ice Map (Done for the year!)

    Marcell Area.... B.I.-Frozen, Both Smith Lakes-Frozen, Pughole-Frozen, North Star-Somewhat/mostly open, Small shallower lakes-Frozen. Deep lakes(caribou, Kremer, Johnson on 38)-Open. I threw a large rock(twice the size of a softball) off our fairly steep and high hill, onto the lake and the rock did not break through the ice. Also, 3-4 feet out from where my dock was, the ice was 2-3 inches. Friendly Reminder. As these small out of the way lakes freeze up. Please remember to use public access's or public land to gain access and try to avoid trespassing. A knock on the door and friendly request can go a long way. Sneaking around on private property never ends well. Good luck and be safe!
  12. BID2

    Do we even think?

    YES! and A QB!
  13. BID2

    Do we even think?

    So the alternative sucks too. Whats your point. This team is CARP because of the terrible QB and the Terrible Coach. This isnt the only place ive heard this "lets support Gus" stuff. Call him out. he is a terrible QB. he belongs in the unemployment line with chilly.