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  1. EsoxCop

    Motor Noise

    I have 2002 Mercury 115hp 2 stroke and after it has ran for awhile, the motor begins to squeak loudly. It sounds like a vehicles squeaky fan belt. Any ideas of what the problem might be?
  2. EsoxCop

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    1 lb 13 oz Bull
  3. EsoxCop

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    2.12 and 2.08 Spring Slabs
  4. This is a Muskie I caught out of Green Lake a few years back in front of the Old Mill Inn. The DNR creel survey guy told me he knew of 7 muskies caught on Green that summer including a 47 incher. Later in the fall my buddy caught a 39 incher at the Old Mill Inn also. They are reproducing in the lake naturally but stocking would help make a fishable population. Sign the petition going around for a public forum on Green Lake Muskie Stocking.
  5. EsoxCop

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Must be Ash. Caught it on a Double #13 Freak Tail I will try and get you one.
  6. EsoxCop

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    A release shot of the 52 with my buddies waterproof digital
  7. EsoxCop

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    My 52 from Thursday afternoon
  8. EsoxCop


    You should of tried those coords!!!
  9. EsoxCop

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    JRedig-You should go to school for Law Enforcement, maybe you could get hired with an agency as the photo police.
  10. EsoxCop

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Does this help with perspective?
  11. EsoxCop

    Photo Sharing Panfish - 2008

    11 3/4 Inch with a 14 inch girth
  12. EsoxCop

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    48 Incher caught 06-16-08
  13. EsoxCop

    Photo Sharing Panfish - 2008

    A couple BIG Spring Crappies
  14. EsoxCop

    Photo Sharing... Panfish on Ice!!!

    15.25 Inch 2lb 2oz I caught last night