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  1. I have 2002 Mercury 115hp 2 stroke and after it has ran for awhile, the motor begins to squeak loudly. It sounds like a vehicles squeaky fan belt. Any ideas of what the problem might be?
  2. This is a Muskie I caught out of Green Lake a few years back in front of the Old Mill Inn. The DNR creel survey guy told me he knew of 7 muskies caught on Green that summer including a 47 incher. Later in the fall my buddy caught a 39 incher at the Old Mill Inn also. They are reproducing in the lake naturally but stocking would help make a fishable population. Sign the petition going around for a public forum on Green Lake Muskie Stocking.
  3. Must be Ash. Caught it on a Double #13 Freak Tail I will try and get you one.
  4. A release shot of the 52 with my buddies waterproof digital
  5. You should of tried those coords!!!
  6. JRedig-You should go to school for Law Enforcement, maybe you could get hired with an agency as the photo police.
  7. Does this help with perspective?
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