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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone I appreciate it. I'll be on the range next week to try it out. I'm getting pretty excited for this hunt! BTW nice buck!
  2. I'm completely new to slug hunting, deer hunting in general, and will be going with the future father-in-law. I've hunted birds all my life with my Remington 870 and Winchester 1300. I will be using my Remington, however due to finances I would like to hold off on buying an actual slug barrel until next year. My question is can I use my regular barrel to shoot slugs through, do I need a certain choke or slug? Any advice on which way I should go? I just don't want the gun or barrel to become damaged. Thanks!
  3. fritz179


    Ahhh, Phish at Alpine almost as good as it gets. I didn't get any tickets for it either. Not too worried though, because they'll get into the regular routine of touring. There's always their fall tour and the rest of the year. I heard they might add some dates later in the summer as well. Last time I was there 6-25-04 Set 1 Julius Roses Are Free -> AC/DC Bag Glide Anything But Me David Bowie Wolfman's Brother Golgi Apparatus Set 2 Seven Below -> Buffalo Bill -> Lawn Boy -> Mike's Song -> I am Hydrogen -> Weekapaug Groove You Enjoy Myself -> 2001 -> You Enjoy Myself (vocal jam) Encore Sample In a Jar Finally caught a Wolfmans and then into that Golgi was great. Ahh the memories
  4. fritz179

    Who should start on Sunday

    I say we start T-Jack next week if Gus is hurt. I know Gus has gotten us this far and has experience, but I feel if both quarterbacks are playing at the same level, then put the more mobile one in. Espcially if we do make the playoffs. Maybe T-Jack is getting it and his condfidence level right now is sky-rocketing. This is a tough call.
  5. fritz179

    "friend" of mine is poaching

    He's your friend...sort of? I think you know the right thing to do. As professionals, they should keep your tip annoymous. But if you're the only one who knows, then he'll know by process of elimination
  6. fritz179

    Wittman actually Gone

    It's about time, that guy is worthless. I don't think it will get any better with McHale on the bench, this season is over. They should really consider bringing back Flip, but I don't he'll want to come back. A positive is this team is very young and has some really good talent, we just need a coach to be able to tap into it and get them to play together. Or not give up a lead in the 4th quater
  7. fritz179

    Vikings vs. Bears

    I think this is one of the most satisfying wins of the year. It seemed a lot of everything was working well. Frerotte had an above average game, doing a little more than he needed to. I saw a lot of reciever running some great routes. The line and the running backs were completely dominant, that bear's D didn't have a chance. Our defense is playing at a whole other level right now! The line is unstoppable, the coverage is much more impressive than last year and the backers are flying around without hesitation. I still think our special teams are mediocre at best right now, that's going to have to improve if we think we're going anywhere in January. Overall that was a very fun game to watch last night. Go Vikes!!!
  8. fritz179

    Hens hens hens!!

    Sounds like your daugher is quite the trooper, that's awesome. Had the same happen to me this weekend. On Saturday we flushed about 12 birds and 10 of them were hens. It was still a great hunt b/c the action was fast and dog was working well. I think the best is yet to come this year
  9. fritz179

    7x7 MN elk

    I think in the Grygla zone they issue 12 permits and in Kittson they offer 11.
  10. fritz179

    Do we even think?

    And why was Bobby Wade the wideout the last long ball? He's much better in the slot. Put Berrian or Rice out there where they should be, they're wideouts and that's their job!
  11. Of course this is the one weekend in the fall that I will not be in the state Hopefully there will be more pushing through next week as well. Good luck to all, both deer and duck.
  12. fritz179


    I also really hope Allen is able to play. The way we have scored points the last two games it should be interesting once again. I'll be in Milwaukee and have to watch the game in Packer territory at some sports bar. That should be fun..
  13. I actually just realized that also, thanks. No biggie, I wasn't going to sit out there any longer or else I would have missed the vikes.
  14. fritz179

    Duck Reports?

    Saturday morning ended up with one gadwall and saw a few flocks. On Sunday morning I ended up with 5 ducks and 1 hooded merganser. Sunday was the best hunting I've had this year. There were still the same amount of ducks that I've seen all year, I was just set up in the right place. Other than those ducks I didn't really see a whole lot. We defintely need some birds to get pushed down.
  15. Ended up getting my limit this morning. First one of the year, finally. Ended up with 3 gadwalls, 1 mallard, 1 redhead and a hooded merganser. One of the heads came off and had to white out the blood. There still didn't seem to be many ducks around, about the same as it has been. I was just set up in the right place this time. I'll try and post this pic first time trying it. http://s489.photobucket.com/albums/rr259/fritz179/?action=tageditmany