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  1. custom jigs and spins all the way. I also do well on a plain glow in the dark hook.
  2. I have one and I do think it was worth the money I put out for it. It works great on the bluegills in the lakes that I fish. Get a fish on the flasher ,hang your bait just over its head , press the button and your rod is bent in 30 seconds. I dont usualy spend that kind of money on thigs like this,but am glad I did this time.
  3. Way to go on your first bow kill. I know the heartbeating thtrough your chest feeling very well. I have given up on the rifle and hunt bow only now. It was an easy transition. A rifle offers no challenge to me anymore.I took my first deer with a bow 14 years ago and have not gone back. You are now an addict!!!!!!! There is no going back now. Great to have you with us.Good luck to you on the rest of the season.
  4. good area for quality deer. The problem you may encounter will be alot more people there that you would think. I would look at areas with an ajoining swamp. Sit on a ridge and wait.
  5. I hunt in both states mn and wi and I dont take them down till I am done hunting there. So far I have not heard anything or been in trouble for it. I feel as you do. The noise would make sure that your hunting area is devoid of any wildlife. You also stand a much greater risk of injury trying to put those stands up in the dark. Maybe I do the wrong thing leagaly but at least I get shots and have no broken bones from trying to do it in the dark.
  6. Most of the time you need the permit to practice in the metro. The shooting of a deer in the metro will only be alowed in harvest areas, not in your back yard unless it is one of those areas. You will also have to get a permit to do this. I do not think anyone would like to see a deer with an arrow stuck through it come into an urban back yard and fall over dead.It makes for bad feelings tward the bowhunter. Check with your DNR officer and he will be able to give you the right [PoorWordUsage].
  7. Yes they use to have a population around. Not too many now. I know of a pair that have been living and reproducing in the Finland area for quite few years now. It is getting common to see them while out hunting.Scary at time too.I love to see these animals except when I am alone and unarmed.
  8. Fisher dave, How is it looking? I am thinking about this weekend. Does the river look good yet?
  9. Thanks for the help. Fisher Dave heres my email [email protected] . Let me know when you are ready to show me a hole or two. I would be greatful. Thanks
  10. I eat all these fish smoked. Ricqik next time you want to try bowfin try to tie it in cheese cloth with all the spices you would like and boil it till its done. That is not very long. Have fun and try something new. Rough fish are great table fare if you take your time and find out how to cook them to your liking.
  11. Suckers are the best springtime primer.I love the sucker run. You can catch alot of hard fighting fish and a few very nice sized walleyes to throw back. I use a wad of nightcrawlers on a slip sinker rig. Use a small splitshot as a slip sinker stop.Now is the time to get ready for it too. Good luck and have fun. Hey bring a kid with you, there is no better practice than this.
  12. A little help please. Anyone know where a guy living in Grand Rapids can go to bring in some cats? I am new to the catfish game and need anything that can be passed along. thanks.
  13. Take their thumbs away.Thumbs and brains are the only things that make us the ultimate preditor,the top place in the food chain. They have lost the use of the brain and there is no need for them to have thumbs either.I guess all the farmers should let their livestock go to fend for themselves in the woods. How long would that last.Think about it Bessy in the woods to chew her cud and watch for wolves. Meat eaters rule in al ways.
  14. How did the crappie contest turn out on Red this last weekend?Also it was nice to meet the infamous Jigglestick on sat. Hope to do it more often.
  15. The black hole. THat is what it is called by our fishing pack. One member's nickname is "SPLOOSH" because of two cell phones in two years and a set of keys and a few scoops. Myself this year 1 electronic ignition lantern,scoop,a rod&reel and a camoflage zippo lighter. Happy fishing.
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