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  1. Are you seriouse? No picts. of kept fish? Total catch and release doesn't do any good. Selective harvest is good for the resource! There is nothing wrong with keeping fish to eat! Lets try not to be so...
  2. Next to them rats are good looking
  3. Bump, Great storys, don't quit now. By the way. I WENT FISHING FINNALY!!!!!!!!! First time this year on ice. crappies! about a dozen! Don't ask how big! I'll be back!
  4. Too much tackle talk! need more storys.
  5. Great storys, Keep 'em coming!
  6. I think ya'al is full of...
  7. Trap man! Stay away from Red Lake, I've heard storys... Nice to see you hear though. No matter how bad, there is probably someone here that can rival it. Hope you hit'em good today!
  8. I look at this site just about every day. I don't get out much any more. And, I LOVE fish storys! (Next to fishing of course.) But, I'm not hearing too many! Seems every body talks about everything except what they're catching, ie. Red lake forum, Mille lacs a close second, the rest third! What,? you all getting blanked. Come on get creative! You don't have to spill your guts to say your on fish, or what you've caught beef it up a bit, that just adds to the fun. Just a hint of truth goes a long ways for a fishless ones entertainment. And if fishing ain't entertainment... you'all is liers! 'Se
  9. Don't worry. I can only hit squirrels with 1 "R", So I think most are pretty safe.
  10. Early and shallow demands a hand auger! Ever smack your hand up against the side of an aquarium? What happens? Do it twenty or thirty times. I don't want to fish there! Chissles should only be used to test the ice if it is 3"-6" thick. Don't cut holes with them. Sometimes soft foot steps spook them! Think sneaky.
  11. AWWOOHHH I almost feel sorry for the poor squirel... Almost. Oh go ahead, pump it up ten times and take the shot.
  12. 8:00 AM, 11/30, 12 of 60 semi-domestic mallards kept a 10' diamiter hole open in the pond across the street. By 1:00 pm all are gone, hole froze over. Winter is here! Started out 4 years ago with 12 ducklings. Raised them, banded them, let them go that first summer. This spring 5 still here. This fall 1 still here. I had my phone # on the bands, but no calls. Next spring should be interesting. I don't think they go far for the winter. Prob. only to Monti. area, tons of birds winter there.
  13. I really don't get to hunt any more,and fishing has been reduced to bare esentials. This thread is by FAR one of the top pleasures in life, at the moment. Thanks to all who contribute, posability, pictures, and words. Thank you, Jim
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