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  1. I put in 2 6ah Amped outdoors lithium's in my 2 FLX-28's. I bought a lifepo4/sla 2A charger from Amazon and they work great. Charges super fast and made the locators super light.
  2. I use to plow with my 4 wheeler on the lake I live on and made the mistake of plowing only to my house. On the weekends there would be a few portables with there trucks so close to my house I could not get there. So I have learned that you need to also plow branches out to the sides for the others to go on. Now I plow 30 feet away from my house and continue on past a make a big circle that loops back to the road at the end. There are some people that go around that loop 3 or 4 times before they figure out the road goes nowhere. Then I leave my plow up for about 5 feet before I plow to my house
  3. Big Buddys are $119 at Northern Tool and you can find a $20 off $100 to make it $99 + tax.
  4. Bigeyes, I know somebody that comes back from Masa in early april that maybe could do it if he already has not commeted to anything else. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. My Ion has never had a problem reopening holes.
  6. I have an Ion w/reverse that I use everyday in my perm house and don't know if there is anything better than this. Don't have to clean any slush out of the holes is great. The only bad thing is the cheap blade cover that broke on it as soon as it was real cold out. It is made out of a very hard plastic with no give to it.
  7. I would like to know also,mine broke the end out of it when I tried to put it back on in the cold.
  8. I love the reverse so far. I use it in a perm house and after you drill the hole and run it in reverse, I pull it out and push the rest of the slush in the hole and run the Ion in reverse one more time. Just have to skim the little bit left in the hole and your done. I don't know were all the slush goes but it does not come back up the holes anywere.
  9. The Ion without reverse is being sold by Ion with free shipping for $399 on "the bay". Includes a warrenty. I don't know if they charge sales tax.
  10. Thats what I did last month at Cabelas. I used a $75.00 off club coupon and ordered one up and they had it at the store a week later. Cabelas will have a club sale or "employee pricing" in November most likely. Good luck
  11. I see there is a kit listed (20181) in the manual of my new Ion auger (with reverse) that looks like it is the new grip, switch, wire with connector for the left handlebar. Maybe this would be all that is needed to make a regular Ion to the new style with reverse. If somebody wants to call and let the rest know what you found out and what the price and shipping would be. 800-345-6007
  12. I move about 4-6 lifts in and out every year by myself using a 2 wheeled dolly. Just put it under the main cross frame on the front or back (depends on if you are going in or out to the lake or shore). I hook the winch line from my 4 wheeler to it and when you pull it first lifts up the lift and then pulls/moves the lift. In the spring I do the same but put a pully on the last dock post to pull it out. If you do it yourself it is nice to have a wireless remote for the 4 wheeler winch.
  13. You only have to look on the KFI HSOforum and they will have everything you need.
  14. The manual on my Opti (I found out when I finally looked) says every year or 100 hours. I relaced the impeller for the first time last year on my 1999. Pretty easy job to do.
  15. I put in and take out a few docks (all kinds) on my lake and "v-dock" is easy to do by myself compared to the rest.
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