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  1. most people are pretty good in the shanty towns that I frequent. the thing that pisses me off is the guys that come out with there 50 grand fish house and there 5 dollar generator. instead of leaving it in the back of the truck where it wont bother anyone they drag it 50ft front there house set it next to me and let it buck very annoying.
  2. for the Detroit lakes area which is probably the closest waters to where you are at i would give Jerry Sondag a call at 218 280 8482 awsome guy and knows his stuff.
  3. thanks guys i will see what i can find
  4. also nothing attached to it such s winches
  5. forgot to check back sorry the battery seems to be staying up so far it is a new battery as of last spring turns over fine been running with the lights on alot still seems like the battery has lots of juice but the battery signal on the dash flashes all the time tried tighting cables but didnt find anything might have to look farther down the line for loose cables. this machine is only manly used for ice fishing so it sits a lot during the summer if that matters thanks again shawn
  6. i have got a 06 sportsman 500 efi and this weekend while driveing across the lake the instrument panel has a battery on it that started flashing only does it once the rpms get over a certain point any ideas what this means couldnt find it in the manual thanks shawn
  7. i have been looking at these for a long time but just dont know what to get the rod would be used for sunnies and crappies. ussually fishing in 18 to 20 feet and would like to feel my bites which one would you guys recomend. thanks shawn
  8. for you guys that fish at night what do you use for boat lights so your able to see your bites when there not just picking it up and swimmimg away with it
  9. try glittertails there bucktails are jointed can swap the blades and skirts or attach the blades to a bulldawg many options there with one bait
  10. on our local lakes catch them every year just not very many get them when trying to catch sunnys. i would guess just down sizing and some euro larve and good to go.
  11. iam right on the border between becker and ottertail about 12 miles south of detroit lakes right off of 59 thanks for the responses
  12. i was wondering if a guy can plant a food plot on land that is enrolled in crp or does a guy have to wait until the crp is up then just enroll less acreage. this is in ottertail county if that makes any difference. thanks in advance shawn earley
  13. mine was probably 4 years old and i told them that still sent it out no fee
  14. contact moultrie i had the main view finder go dead so i couldnt read any of my settings they sent me a new one free of charge with detailed instructions on how to replace it
  15. how are you guys using this type of bulb one per hole or what just looking at redoing the lighting in my house. shawn
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