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  1. I'm not much for FB but I looked and there wasn't much that I could find. (maybe I'm just incompetent!) Doesn't matter. My wife would never let me go over Easter anyway. The sturgeon will still be there the next weekend and maybe it will be a touch warmer than last year! We're staying at Wheeler's Point.
  2. Not much of a response! I think the usual weekend would be April 19-20 but that's Easter this year. So we are coming on the 25th -27th.
  3. Looks like it will be frozen for miles in every direction next weekend. Is anyone still going up. I'm not too keen on drilling holes by Wheelers Point!!
  4. We're coming up Thursday and staying until Monday at Wheelers. Two boats and 6 people this time. This has gotten to be one of the high points of the year! Looking forward to seeing everyone out there. It sounds like Adrians might be the "headquarters" this year.
  5. Could this thread get any LAMER?!?! Back and forth slamming each other and now openly admitting illegally harassing people who are fishing legally?! No wonder nobody can stand us musky fishermen!
  6. I always try to resist getting into these arguments and after a while I can't resist and I jump in. A 56 inch limit violates the principle that a law should be put in place for good reason and only if we're fairly sure it will be effective. The 56 inch limit does neither. First of all, look at the current fishery. It's in great shape all with a lesser size limit. So, other than make a few people feel virtuous there's no need or reason for a new law. Secondly, almost ALL muskies are released now. So a higher limit or even total release will make almost no difference, so the higher limit will not be an effective law. The whole thing gets back to the population of muskies. They are doing well as they are and the new law is a huge waste of time and money! The release mortality of large fish is significant and if 1 guy decides to keep a 51 incher next year that makes no difference. I haven't intetionally killed a muskie since the early 80's but once on Lac Seul where we go pretty much every year, we gill hooked a nice fish. After an hour of trying to release a dead fish we had to let him sink. Now that's not a big deal, my family isn't going to starve without those muskie filets but it seems like kind of a waste! A catch and release only fishery really needs to be justified by significant need and strong science and the 56 inch limit has neither.
  7. I started this same thread last year. I'm sitting here drilling holes in ice and pretending the Vikings have a chance this weekend so naturally the Sturgeon Excursion comes to mind! Do we know dates yet? It's too much fun to talk about it for months to wait any longer.
  8. I've got a 7000 c3i on one of my double cowgirl rods and it works fine. Cast's well and pulls them in just fine. My only problem is that it's a bit big for how I hold them, that is I like to palm the reel. If I was one of those guys who holds the rod handle instead I would think it was perfect and doesn't break the bank.
  9. We just got back last night. Great fishing. We caught 11 fish. One was 59 inches, 3 in 50's and the rest between 45-48 inches with a couple of little ones. All in the river. Best part was when we went up river we caught 3 of the fattest yellow bullheads I've ever seen! We almost came looking for DTRO to see if he needed flathead bait! Another great trip. Barbelboy will post pictures this week.
  10. That same boat he's lying in with all the Paddlefish will be at the Sturgeon Excursion. You'll be able to identify him by the SMELL!
  11. Agree with SpecialK. In Minnesota there are lots of landings where there may NEVER be a dock, such as river landings or small back country lakes. You want to fish in those great places, you need to be able to launch and load without a dock, or in very shallow water or without being able to power load. And if you're a crabby old guy like me you have to be able to do it by yourself!
  12. I had a feeling it was something like that! We'll look for the hats.
  13. I have 2 questions. First of all, is there some kind of event at wherever the headquarters are? Last year we fished and saw all the boats but didn't really get to talk to anyone. Also, how is date set? Is it opener or are we going by DTRO's horoscope or something like that?
  14. Yeah, Thanks. It was so much fun last year even with the snow, I can't wait to start planning.
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