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  1. deep channel

    Seasol camper problems

    its always plugged in even have 220 for the dryer bur the furace needs battery to run also
  2. deep channel

    Seasol camper problems

    appreciate all the advice, things to try this weekend, . propane is full, probley something to do with battery wiring. when i bought the camper one of the fused wires was hooked to neg post on battery and that didnt seem right
  3. deep channel

    How do you keep mice out of your camper??

    I just was talking to someone refarding mice. So because of my lack of memory work with me..... I was told to either sprinkle baking soda or corn starch ( that is the part I cant remember) all around your camper or house foundation. Then you can see where they are entering. ? However in the winter I am not so sure how that would work....?
  4. deep channel

    Seasol camper problems

    looking for someone in mcgregor area to work on our camper. furace not working and the 12 volt battery keeps going dead, and now the hot water heater is not working after last weekend
  5. deep channel

    open water fishing

    sorry about that,im talking about devils lake,i assume most of the open water fishing is taking place on the northshore
  6. just wondering if this weekend is to early for some northern pike action from shore thanks
  7. deep channel

    Replacing windows

    anderson makes a very good 200 series window in a slider that is very economical for what you get including 20 year warrenty
  8. deep channel

    best fishcamp recipe

    looking for a recipe that can slow cook in the oven or crockpot while were out in the boat. something that will make the best day of the year(opening day) even better.good luck everybody.
  9. deep channel

    Disney petition

    IM 5465