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  1. I dove into the reloading world last year. I got the Hornady 9th edition and the Lyman 50th edition. I don't know what you plan to reload but I would look for the most up to date manuals available to start. They are more likely to have data on the newest bullets and powders. I'm a Hornady bullet fan so the Hornady manual was an obvious choice for me. There is a Hornady 10th edition that came out soon after I purchased mine. However I do use some other bullets like Sierra and Speer which the Lyman handbook has some good info on. I currently am only reloading 243 win. and 44 mag. I have a 300 win mag and a 35 Whelen I will be working up loads for once I get enough used brass. Most veteran reloaders say you cant have enough reloading manuals.
  2. TDH

    Where everyone go?

    The second HSO split into two sites was the death sentence for both. HSO was a go to site for me every day to keep up with all the posts. Now I can visit once every two weeks and catch up in about 5 minutes. Now not even the old troll limitout posts anymore I don't think? Sadly, I kind of wish this site would disappear so I could delete it from my favorites bar. All good things must come to an end I guess.
  3. I put a Nikon 3-9 inline xr on my new muzzleloader. Still working on finding the most accurate load for it. I will be doing some more testing next week.
  4. I got a few nice ones on cam in one spot. Also got a piebald doe at another spot.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll be sure share any future videos if it happens to show up again.
  6. This is in area 45 so unless I can snag a surplus tag no bear hunting for me. Never bear hunted before so it would be just for the fun of it kind of deal. I wont know how much this bear frequents this area until the end of August when I check my cameras again.
  7. Hopefully this will work now. http://vid253.photobucket.com/albums/hh43/tdh23/STC_0004_zpsf2g4fvl1.mp4 http://vid253.photobucket.com/albums/hh43/tdh23/STC_0008_zpsevdwm8ro.mp4 http://vid253.photobucket.com/albums/hh43/tdh23/STC_0009_zpsy2jsytk4.mp4
  8. Darn I cant get the videos to work for some reason. Never had any trouble before.
  9. I just checked some cameras today and I got a couple videos of a bear or bears. I been hunting this property for about 15 years now and this is the first sign of bears I've seen. I'm a total noob when it comes to bears so I'm wondering what others thought on just how big they are and if they are sows or boars. Either way I think its kind of cool to see something other than deer.
  10. TDH


    I think you mean Dooley? There's nothing special about them that puts them ahead of any other custom built spear. they're just a cleaned up laser cut with pretty powder coating when you get right down to it. I'm not saying they aren't good spears though, they definitely get the job done. I've never heard or seen anything but positive things about them. I think most people want them now because its something new and different from what else is on the market. I'm not really into the laser cut spears myself. I prefer one that has spring steel tines. Bottom line is if it fly's true, penetrates good, and hold the fish its a good spear. Anything else on top of that is just gravy.
  11. Thanks guys. $470 is awful pricey even for Fleet Supply. I was thinking 375-400. I can build two myself for that price. Got a couple weeks before we will have spearable ice so I guess I could throw one together.
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