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  1. I think 7 are scheduled for NBC. Some more will be on NBC sports. They will also be on CBS and Spike TV. In fact, Spike TV has a card this Friday. I think Molina is a little gun shy since the Matthysse fight. I would love to see Thurman fight Maidana.
  2. Yes, he will be able to. My wife is from Peru and her father buys a license when he is here. Have a passport and some extra time and patience with the person entering in the information. Good Luck!
  3. Thanks for the info. I also would be using the 300 for light musky early season and bass fishing (Flipping) I think it is as good excuse as any to get a new rig!
  4. Have a trip to Canada for big pike on memorial weekend. I would like to get a casting reel and I am a shimano guy. I have two curado's 200 but would like a 300? Do you think it is necessary to have a 300? Does anybody else have any recommendations?
  5. I used rigid foam in January 2006 and it is still on there today. I used foam caulking to glue it to the plywood, then used spray foam between the rigid and frame.
  6. I don't know about that JB. He has fought Curtis Stevens (20 knockouts and previously fought at 168lbs), Marco Antonio Rubio (51 knockouts), and Proska (21 knockouts). I do agree he needs to fight better competition, but it is tough when nobody will fight him. He might be easy to hit after he feels the power of his opponent cant hurt him. He appears to be willing to take the punch to deliver the punch like he did with Geale. Murray is a big middleweight, but I agree he doesn't have much power. Just hope someone with a "name" fights him so we can see how good he is.
  7. Has anybody watched this guy? I don't know if I have seen another boxer that is as technically proficient that has that much power. I don't think anybody besides Harvey's guy Canelo that will have the balls to fight him.
  8. No kidding, I was off too! It would be nice for him to fight one more time when he is 50 and wrap it up. After he got knocked down in the first, you could tell he didn't want to get hit like that again. He tried down the stretch, but he doesn't have the power anymore to hurt a guy like kovalev. At least he tried, you have to get him credit. He could've been like Floyd and say he cant fight whoever because he fights on a different network.
  9. Boys, it is almost time! Who do you got winning and why?
  10. That is what I thought but mojo recommends in wave areas to drill a 3/16's hole in the battery box and attach to a 3 Lb anchor with a rope. Just want to know what other guys are doing?
  11. I just recently purchased a floating mojo bluebill decoy for when I go to Canada next week. I am a little perplexed as why with the floating decoy that they want you to drill a hole in the bottom of the battery holder to tie it down. Why wouldn't they install that? Has anybody done this? Or do you just use the circle loop that is on the side of float? Thanks in advance and good luck out there!
  12. I haven't been up to get any channels on red. Good luck!
  13. I did the bucket thing for a year. It was a hassle with the handles breaking off or bowing. I bought two small drifts socks on sale at cabelas and have been super happy with them. I have been using for three years now.
  14. Hopkins is one of my favorite fighters too! I still remember when he hit Oscar with a liver shot for a knockout. The sound that Oscar made I never had heard before! My other favorite things is when he bet $100,000 on himself to beat Trinidad. In fact after he beat Trinidad, he was never the same fighter. It seems that anyone he fights is never as good as they once were like Pavlik, Taylor, Tarver, & Dawson. And he didn't even win all of those fights. I do favor him to win the fight, but Kovalev can punch. We will see what happens November 8. It will be free on HBO!!!!
  15. Win, lose, or draw you have to respect Hopkins for trying to unify the belts. This is what boxing needs is to have fighters attitude to take all fights no matter what political or financial opposition by managers or promoters.
  16. This is what boxing is missing. A champion like Hopkins taking on the most feared guy in the division. Stevenson so wanted to stay away from Kovalev that he went to Showtime because he was scared. Hopkins is a part owner of Golden Boy and he cut through the political talk and made the fight happen. I don't know if he will win, but it is refreshing that a champion makes the fight happen because he wants to challenge himself!
  17. Boy, he sure did. Its been a long time since we have seen a true bruiser like that at middleweight. If I was Cotto or Canelo I wouldn't rush to make that fight anytime soon. I just hope that everyone doesn't keep ducking Golovkin. I was really disappointed in the heavyweight fight. Thought it would be a better show. I think Perez isn't the same fighter since the where his opponent was left as a invalid.
  18. I don't think boxing is even close to being dead. Two of the top three paid athletes in the world are boxers. (Mayweather and Pacquio) And that includes soccer players in Europe. When was the last time an MMA sold out a 40,000 seat arena like Canelo vs Traut did last year in San Antonio. How about 80,000 at Wembley stadium for Froch vs Groves. I appreciate it both sports but you cant compare them. They are totally different. I guess what I am saying is that you don't just have to love MMA and hate boxing. Boxing will stay alive because of Mexican and Europeans interest alone. I agree this isn't the Hagler, Hearns, Duran, and Leonard era, but come on, that was something really special. Harvey is correct, there are some really entertaining fights right now. Once the best fighter in the sport, Floyd Mayweather retires, hopefully we will have champions fight anyone rather then cherry picking opponents. He alone has done more to hurt boxing than anyone.
  19. don't sleep on the heavyweight fight either. It should be a doozy!
  20. I agree that the best fight for Canelo would be Cotto. Huge fan base around Cotto and not a true middleweight. I think the hype around Cotto is getting a little overblown. He knocked out Delvin Rodriguez (ESPN level fighter) and beat Martinez who has no wheels left because of his bad knees. Both of them should stay far away from Golovkin, who is the best fighter in that division. We will see what Golovkin is made of this weekend with a difficult fight against Geale.
  21. Tutt's Bait had one left a month ago in Garrison. The voyaguer clam cover would fit also.
  22. I don't disagree with your math but I get around 30 hours or so on a thirty pound tank ice fishing. That would also include using the oven and stove top. I have a 14ft house with a 3 ft v for a total of 17ft.
  23. I have done some fishing on the beach in riveria maya region south of cancun. I have caught bonefish, permit, and other fish I could not identify. I bring a 7ft rod and a cheaper 4000 size shimano reel with 10 lb braid. Then I use a swivel with 3 to 4 ft of fluorocarbon line. I get up before daybreak and look to the dorsal fins of the bonefish. For baits I use a 1/4 oz jig head with a 3inch ribbon tail, 1/8 oz little cleos and kastmasters also. Its a blast and well worth the effort. In fact I prefer it to the deep sea fishing. good luck!
  24. Do the wheels have to be up to grease them? I have tried to grease the zerks and it just starts backing up right away.
  25. I quit screwing around with the battery thing years ago. I bought a converter that is run off my generator that runs everything including the furnace. I haven't had a battery in my fish house in years, and really like the room with not having batteries under the cabinet.
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