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  1. lets hope its in a different spot then last year... What was there one fish caught!!!
  2. Does anyone know if this Tourney will happen again this year??
  3. goingdeep

    Favorite Ice Fishing Beverage?

    KEYSTONE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Same as Coors half the price!!!
  4. I heading there the 1st weekend in August how have the fish been biting. What have people been catching.... Any Info would be great... Thanks
  5. I am heading to Howard City, MI next Month and I will be very close to the Tamarack Creek I was thinking about doing a little bit of fishing. This creek runs through the back of my Grandparents property. I am just wondering if anyone knows what type of fish are in there... Any Info would be Awesome..
  6. goingdeep

    D. Reyes doesn't get rich with new team

    1 sided played... Who needs that.. He is what should happen I will not argue that his D is great, but his bat is terrible.. Let the pitcher's hit and DH kubel for him.. Thats a plan... Sorry, but I can't stand the guy...
  7. goingdeep

    D. Reyes doesn't get rich with new team

    every time he hit the mound you never new what you were going to get.. The best spot for his was on the couch with a doughnut in his mouth... Nick Punto should be next to him...
  8. http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/dpp/news/cheating_fisherman_forfeits_feb_24_2009 check out the footage
  9. Here is the way it went I think... The guy smuggled the fish into the tourney in his shirt/jacket. After he won the truck when the tourney was over they asked him what he was going to do with his new truck he stated "DRIVE IT LIKE I STOLE IT". Direct words from his mouth. I guess they had a few phone calls stating that the guy cheated, so they looked into it some more and were going to give the guy a polygraph test which he declined and disquilified himself. The lady that took 2nd placed was awared the Truck this afternoon. Channel 9 news covered the story. What a loser!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Does anyone know why the guy was Disquilified from the tourney???
  11. goingdeep

    Rob Building Class

    Does anyone no of a place that will be putting on a class were you can build your own rod and teach a person the basic of doing this??
  12. goingdeep

    Twins Games

    I will agree with you that he is hard working, but hard work doesn't pay to bill's give me a guy that has some talent and can hit the ball... This guy has been given the oppotunity to play on a consistant basis and he chokes.. He is one sided ball player.. Has a great glove, but can't hit SH&*