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  1. FishNovice101

    Not much going on

    Barb, More power to you for getting out there and sharing your love of fishing with others. This is just one of the many stories I know you have. Char
  2. FishNovice101

    Jeep wouldn't start, now quit while driving it

    Guys, there is no spark to the distributor at all. Can you tell me what a crank sensor is?
  3. FishNovice101

    Jeep wouldn't start, now quit while driving it

    Well, it started right up for me. And ran for about 10 minutes and quit. Now it cranks but will not start. Plugged fuel filter maybe?
  4. FishNovice101

    Tilt/Trim not working

    We were thinking a short somewhere, but it worked a month ago. Maybe mice. I'll be tearing into it tomorrow. I'll let you all know what I find. Thanks for the tips.
  5. FishNovice101

    Jeep wouldn't start, now quit while driving it

    Thanks for the tips on where to start. I am going today to try and fix it. We'll see.
  6. FishNovice101

    Tilt/Trim not working

    I have an early 90s 65hp Johnson outboard. This past weekend the tilt/trim did not work at all. There is a connector at the motor under the hood that runs the controls up to the throttle control and to the switch up in front of the boat. We unplugged that plug, and then the tilt/trim worked on the motor only. If we plug it back in, it keeps blowing fuses like there is a short somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to start? Thanks!!
  7. I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee. I had an issue with the battery going dead this past winter (it was old), so put a new one in it. This past weekend the battery was dead (hadn't been driven in a few months). Charged it up, drove it from Walker to Mille Lacs and then 2 hrs home with no issues at all. Yesterday, my sister couldn't get it to start, but the battery was cranking over. Later in the day, it did start without any other assistance, and they drove it a few miles and it died on them. Does anyone have any suggestions? It has never done this before. Thanks!!
  8. FishNovice101

    Wisconsin Women that fish

    Oh no Rick, it's not too cold. We have been out fishing! Just got back from braving the ever-unpredictable Lake Mill Lacs. Rain and water on top of the ice one day to very windy conditions the next.
  9. All gals, I know of a few growing groups of women out there that fish from multiple states. Let's get some good information going here for any women who want to get more into learning to fish. Char
  10. FishNovice101

    Now what is your strategy?

    That's a great strategy! We hunt state forest land, but lots of people do drives there too.
  11. Our party hunts on the weekends, and we filled two tags, and have three more to fill (hopefully). Heading back out Saturday morning again. So, do you hunt the same way you did on opening morning, or change it up. We sit in our best spots opening morning, and then Sunday do some drives.
  12. FishNovice101

    ? for female hunters

    Bob, I agree with all of the above regarding getting her involved in the whole process, pull the deer so it's on a slope (easier for everything to fall out for her) and such. One thing I would do, and I did this for my son, is to buy her a nice hunting knife that she can use to dress the deer. But don't expect her to do the whole thing the first time around. Ease her into it and talk her through it. Char
  13. FishNovice101

    The hunt for a different boat

    Morning all, I am just starting the search for a new/used boat. Right now we have a 16.5 Alumacraft with a 65hp Johnson. I would like something bigger, probably no longer that a 19', aluminum, and it needs rod storage (for long rods). Any suggestions on motor manufacturer? What's good and what have you had problems with? Thanks, Char
  14. FishNovice101

    Northwest Sportshow

    My husband headed out of town last night. Before he left I told him I was going to the SportShow today. He said, "Try not to spend too much money this year." Pretty funny!!!
  15. FishNovice101


    OK - I am not the wife of 'HereFish101', but I am a wife. I used to get upset when my hubby went fishing without me. Then I went fishing with him. Now I'd rather go fishing without him and go with my son and my girlfriends.