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  1. I had an 01 Alero with similar symptoms. EGR valve was stuck open so car did not want to run/idle well. Could also be MAF sensor.
  2. I just picked up a 6.5 ft Medium weight Fish Eagle 50 and am looking forward to trying that out. At 50% off, I think that is a lot of rod for the money.
  3. I'll be hunting in 6 inches of fresh snow in Nebraska tomorrow AM, so to say i'm a bit excited is an understatement!
  4. I have used spitfire gobbler getter heads with success. They have a blunt tip to transfer more energy to the bird and hopefully result in the arrow stuck in the bird as opposed to passing through. That being said, any large diameter mechanical will work just fine. There are some good videos on youtube showing proper shot placement as well. "Hit him high, watch him die. Hit him low, watch him go"...
  5. That ever green against the building should work to brush in a blind pretty well! Hopefully their pattern holds til opener. Things like this are fun to see but to drive you nuts, some of the biggest deer I've seen in my life were in the metro area.
  6. What capabilities are you looking for? OBDII only, DTC and live data for more control modules, bi directional tests? I work for a company that manufactures them here in MN and can help point you in the right direction. As I'm sure you know, options are endless and only limited by the amount of $$ you want to spend.
  7. I have already been looking at the public land atlas and have a few public areas in mind to take a look at. I will also knock on some doors to see if I am lucky enough to get on some private. Good luck!
  8. Sounds like a full spring! I am going all archery this year in NE and MN. I've started practicing in the basement to keep in shape, cant wait get down to NE and do some scouting.
  9. Well after years of seeing the trip reports from the archery season on here, I am finally going to make my first trip down there. Is anyone else planning a trip? I am deep in my research looking at aerials and public land maps and I think I have a game plan. Archery season is now less than 2 months away!
  10. Believe me, I know the feeling! Personally, I would keep your gear though. Leech is right that by the time you get back in to it, your gear will be "old news" but the issue I have is how the price of everything seems to skyrocket. my guess is you did not pay $200+ for a 6 pack of decoys back then. Add up your decoys and blinds and then go shopping to see how much it would cost you to get a comparable setup. Turns out besides being time suckers(in a good way!), kids are also very good at reducing your expendable income!! What is better, 10-15 year old gear that at least lets you get back out and hopefully introduce your son to the sport with minimal investment, or coming to the realization that you can not get back in to the sport due to the cost.
  11. Did you have a proshop confirm that the draw length is too short for you? Most people tend to set their draw length longer than it actually should be and want to lock their left elbow. When I shoot, my left arm has quite a bit of bend when I am at full draw and anchored.
  12. I have also read how it is supposed to work, but lets face it, may all depend on which blue shirt you run in to. My case has locking latches so I will lock those and maybe a padlock for additional security. I already have 2 TSA approved locks orders so if they gave me any grief, I could use them.
  13. For anyone that has traveled did you use non-TSA locks or TSA approved? Apparently TSA regs require Non-TSA locks for firearms so absolutely no one besides you (anyone with a TSA master key) can access the case. I've also heard that if you use a non-TSA lock, it will surely get cut. As much as I don't like anyone with a TSA key having access to my case, that sounds better than the locks being cutoff and replaced with zip ties or the like.
  14. What a pig. I bet you are right that this happens more than you would think and hopefully this will make folks realize that in the computerized age, records of who bought and used tags are available to law enforcement in seconds and makes them think twice. The other victims are all the other hunters in that area that bust their butts and do it right and were stripped of an opportunity to take one of those trophies by this greedy individual.
  15. Hey there, I know this forum is dominated by fishing talk but I am hoping some of you who go to AK quite frequently can offer any advise on what to expect (besides rain...). The setup will be getting dropped off at a forest service cabin on Kupreanof Island that is 40 miles from the nearest town by water and hunting Oct. 1st-7th before getting picked up. We will have our own boat that we can use mid week if we have to but it will be limited because of the tides. Our local support is coming from a guy who also happens to be an Alaska Wildlife trooper so I am sure we will be getting plenty of info from him as we draw closer. My question for all of you that have spent time up there is what would you bring that they DONT tell you about. I know the importance of getting in shape, good pack, good rain gear, good footwear, water purification, meat care supplies, all the stuff you can read for days about... but specifically, what did you bring (or wish you would have) that made the trip that much better.
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