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  1. ricqik

    change of ownership

    anyone know the process of changing ownership? as far as i know, atv does not have a title like auto where u can just sign it over. what does the seller n buyer need to do to complete the transfer of ownership?
  2. ricqik


    repost,/......... delete
  3. If u believe magazines, say no more. The eb is a great motor, just not to the extent everyone made it out to be in my test drives.
  4. Tr21hp, i have driven an eb n a 5.0 f150. The eb drives n feels like a v6. I had to give it more throttle to feel the pwr n when it does come on, its awesome. I understand all the rave peeps r talking about the eb but all that is with the turbos spooled. Theres no doubt the eb out muscles the 5.0 v8 when it comes to asking it to work. But day to day driving it drives n feels like a v6. Maybe peeps r to pumped/excited to notice but i can n its not for me. ive driven many turbo'd vehicles, beside the quicker spool time, its no different than other turbo'd engines.
  5. Cjh, u can believe all the ads n/or commercial that u want, its ok to be gullible. Unlike u, my eb experience says other wise. Under normal driving, the eb lacks pwr. The eb has no guts until u throttle down harder, thats when it shined. On the 5.0 v8 this was not an issue. There was pwr there n now when u need it. Didnt have to really throttle down for pwr on the 5.0 v8.
  6. The eb will only give u more tq at a lower rpm if u load up the turbos. Under normal day to day driving, when the turbos rnt spooled, it behaves as a na v6. Those charts peeps r throwing around is miseading. It makes u think the tq is there when it really isnt. A v8's pk tq may come in at a higher rpm but its there righ away when u need it. Fords commercial/ad r clever, catches alot of gulible peeps. Bttm line, if u dont mind v6 pwr on a 5500lbs truck for day to day driving but have v8 pwr when u floor it, the eb is the way to go. But if u want v8 pwr for day to day n when u floor it, a v8 is the way to go.
  7. ricqik


    If shes gonne be using it more than u, get a suv, if ur gonna be using it more than her, get the cc truck.
  8. Most peeps i know who buy ford, gm, ram, buys a new one ever 3-5yrs n toyota owners tend to buy every 7-10yrs. That seems to reflect sales numbers. Could it be majorit of domestics dont last as long? Could it mean toyota owners just lobe their trucks more? Thats ur call to make. From my witness, some of my siblings have gone thru 3-5 domestic vehicles while those of us who have toyota still have our same vehicles.
  9. ricqik

    World record bass?

    Imo, it should not matter whether farm raised or wild caught. World record by them sports organization is just that, "sport". To me world record means biggest/largest, no matter how it got there. Its a world record for a reason n that is being the biggest/largest. It does not have to be "sport" caught to be a world record. We, like many have lost the meaning of world record, we automatically associate it with "sport" when really it should just be about its size.
  10. ricqik

    ATTN: Deer hunters

    In all my yrs of hunting n of all the deers I've seen, that is all public land, the buck to doe ratio 40% bucks n 60% does. Of those 40% bucks, 75% r button bucks, 15% yearlings, 5% 2.5yr olds n 5% trophies. APR is not the answer when the first step of a trophy bucks life r being tagged by does tags. I'm not in favor of new rules when the real truth behind it is to boost egos n for sport. I'm all for it if its for the better of the health of the deer herd. In any case, we already have a healthy deer herd, n thats saying it from someone who hunts public land that gets pounded every season. BTW, I only bowhunt.
  11. ricqik

    mad hunter

    I've been bowhunting the south section for over a decade. Some yrs ago, I always see an old model f150 everytime I came back from the morning hunt. The day my tires were slashed, he stopped coming after that. Been yrs, I don't recall the color of the truck. Just a few days ago, a few duck/geese hunters were out hunting in the cut corn field. But the suspected mad man was there first to set up on the edge of the remaining standing corn. The bird hunters not knowing he's there, they set up their decoys n what not as usual, birds flew buy n shots rang out. They said afterwards they see the suspected mad man come out n leave. When they decided to leave, they get to their vehicles only to find flat tires. They can only suspect the only vehicle that was there that isn't there now is the f150. Coincidence that both incidents a f150 was seen, Idk. At this point, we can only suspect. But next time I'll be writing all plates down incase this or other incidents should happen, that way atleast, I have something for the cops to look into.
  12. ricqik

    mad hunter

    Have b4, cops say they can't do anything without solid evidence other drive by every now n then. In other words, gotta catch him in the act, which is pretty hard to do when ure in the woods. am tempted to hunt close n within site just to get a phone vid shot of him in the act.
  13. ricqik

    mad hunter

    Just a heads up, if u bowhunt or hunt in any of the Bayport wma, keep an eye out for a mad hunter. Word is if u get there b4 he does, he'll slash ur tires n if he's there n u happen to accidently stumble in the area he's at he'll leave early b4 u n slash ur tires. Was said he drives n early to mid '90s150, I didn't catch what color it was.
  14. ricqik

    2009 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO

    Seriously, I can't even comment about knowing of an atv for sale without my post being edited. Well, so much for helping. Ur welcome anyways.
  15. ricqik

    2009 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO

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