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  1. I've seen lots of activity in my area which is near Malmo. I got bucks chasing does and bucks mounting does on my trail cams. Theres some rubs and scraps too.
  2. MNexpoler

    Sportsman 400

    Just an FYI, jack up the rear of you quad and grab the tire to wiggle it back and froth. It could be a wheel bearing, Sportman's are notorious for rear wheel bearings going out. You can also get a wheel bearing cheaper from a auto parts store than the polaris dealer.
  3. MNexpoler

    coolant in oil in a 2002 sportsman 700

    I had this problem on my 2003 700. I first replaced the seal between the water pump and the crank shaft, that did not fix it. I did some research on the web, found people were also having the base gaskets leaking, I installed a new base gasket and that fixed it. Since you have a 2002 700 I'm going to warn you that your ignition system may go down soon, it happens to almost every 02-03 700 out there. My 03 just did it this weekend. The Ducati made ignition systems on the early 700s sucks, and polaris switched over to a different manufacturer(can't remember the name but its a Japan company) sometime in 2004. So when a part fails on you ignition system you now have to replace EVERYTHING, stator, regulator, cdi and all the wires, because they do not make replacement parts anymore for the Ducati system. Which at my local dealer costs 625 dollars in parts. Yup, thanks a lot Polaris!
  4. MNexpoler

    What to expect at the state trails.

    There really isn't any special rules when riding state trail expect, in the spring time the DNR closes trails and forest roads until things dry out. Which in this spring isn't a problem you can check the list of closures on the DNR's web site. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/trailconditions/index.html As far as terrain goes. That depends on the trail. Theres lots of old railroad grades around the state, such as the soo line. Bring goggle if your going to ride those type of trails since dust can get pretty bad. But trails like Red Top offer single track routes through small mud holes(nothing that you have to worry about getting stuck in) and up and over some hills. The Iron Range park offers steeper hill climbs and a big mud hole to play in.
  5. MNexpoler


    I guess they are grooming the trails on the north shore up by Finland. It sounds good.
  6. MNexpoler

    MN DNR Trail report link....

    Thats a good site I check it all the time when we DO have snow. However the one problem is that they only update it ever thursday. Well you could get a big storm on friday have a great weekend of riding but not know about it until next thursday. I expect tomorrows update to look much better than that. Fargo/Moorheads got 5-6", not sure how much Detroit Lakes has but thats where the trails are. It is still pretty grim map. I remember last winter having much of the map in the 18-24" category.
  7. MNexpoler


    5.2 inches in Fargo/Moorhead yesterday. Lets hope for more.
  8. MNexpoler

    finding bigfoot

    NO way is there a bigfoot in minnesota. if there was an animal that was 8-10ft tall and weighed 600-800lbs we would know about it, there would be plenty of sign. We'd see tracks while snowmobiling up there, trails. Heres some fun articles to read tho if interested. http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/10307/publisher_ID/30/
  9. MNexpoler

    ND's Ben Blood

    UND what a CLASSLESS program. Checking from be hide on the gopher player, then Danny Kristo goes on a temper tantrum after getting called on it. Ha! What a bunch of Babies!!! I hope the U of M never players them again, after Hakstal flips the bird to the gophers a couple of years ago. Gophers fans getting the beat to a bloodily mess after the games. UND fans are terrible. Blood should be suspended, thats what would happen in any other college sport.
  10. MNexpoler


    I drove up through Twin Valley, MN tonight and actually saw people SNOWMOBILING on trails. They have about 6" of snow up there, and the Rail Road Grade that runs a long why 32 should be rideable but crappy. Finally felt like winter. How much snow in Winger?
  11. MNexpoler

    another polaris question

    Could be the Voltage Regulator. There known for going out on 400s and 500s. I just replaced mine on my 400. Is the battery staying charged?
  12. MNexpoler

    We NEED Snow!!!

    This weather is [PoorWordUsage]!!! We need SNOW! I'm loosing my mind that I can't ride!!!!!
  13. MNexpoler

    Trail Cams?

    I had my M-80 up from Oct to the first weekend of Dec. Took Hundreds of pictures. Never had to change the batteries. Your batteries will die faster in cold weather but I was very happy with the battery life of the m-80.
  14. MNexpoler

    Two person ladder stands

    I've been looking at ladder stands for the last couple of weeks. I read this thread, went to Menards tonight to check them out. They look very nice, I'm going to get the 149 dollar one for Christmas. Cant wait to try it out next season!
  15. MNexpoler


    Yup I got my tickets!!!! Cant Wait GO BISON!!!!! THE MARCH IS ON!