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    Wild 2014/2015 Regular Season

    Don't forget about Calgary... Calgary and LA are tied for 3rd in the Pacific and both 2 points behind Winnipeg with a game in hand for the 2nd wild card spot. LA has the cupcake schedule to finish, Calgary is average, and the Jet's schedule is as tough as ours. Winnipeg needs to hold off one of these two teams to get in... I predict it's LA and Winnipeg with the Jets beating the Flames on the last game of their seasons to clinch the 2nd wild card. Absent of a complete meltdown, I think the Wild are pretty safe. Vancouver, Winnipeg, LA, Calgary... We're ahead of all of them and 3 out of the 4 need to pass us for us not to make the playoffs.
  2. Fred_Bear

    Lake Winnepeg ice fishing

    Nice report LD! I guess I can share mine too. My buddy and I were both first timers to LW, going in completely blind and the plan was to fish all day Saturday and Sunday. We caught about 25 fish each day, a few less on Saturday and few more on Sunday. 16 fish were 24" or bigger and the 4 biggest were (2) 29's and (2) 30's (+/- 1/4"). We moved around a lot fishing 7-13 fow (below the ice) with most time spent in 9-11. The two biggest fish came from 7 and 13, but it seemed like fishing out in 13 resulted in either big fish or 10" saugers. In shallow, we got a lot of 18-20" eater fish to kill time in between the big girls we were there for. All but 2 of my fish came on a 1/2 oz Live Target, no meat. The other 2 came on a chubby darter with minnow head. I messed around a lot with throwback lures after I marked fish that wouldn't commit to the LT and it only worked twice. I tried the chubby darter, flutter spoons, rattle spoons, and a flasher jig all with meat and none of them produced other than the two fish on the chubby. My buddy got a couple fish on a #6 clackin rap, but the vast majority of his fish came on a LT again with no meat.
  3. Fred_Bear

    Lake Winnepeg ice fishing

    Yeah we found out about the FM/WAAM event when we were leaving on Sunday. So is there always that many people out there fishing, or was it due to the event going on, AYA Derby, and "March Madness"? It was the first time fishing the lake for my buddy and I and we were surprised at how many people were there. There had to be 1000 people on Saturday and about half that many on Sunday. Also, the fishing did not disappoint!
  4. Thanks for all the updates Robert, they are very helpful. We have a big group coming up a week from today and hoping to be able to fish the 26th-29th. I know conditions are day to day right now, but could you give any insight as to whether or not you think we'll be able to get on the ice. Thanks!
  5. Fred_Bear

    Lake Winnepeg ice fishing

    I fished LW this past Saturday and Sunday... We brought sleds and accessed at Warner, fishing mainly out from the mouth both days. There was 1 big ice ridge close to the access and after that it was clear sailing. There were sleds, atvs, utvs, a few trucks, and more snobears than I've ever seen out fishing around the mouth. I think most guys were going north from Warner to cross the ridge but on sleds we headed straight ESE and had no problems crossing it. Saturday morning the lake was covered with a thin layer of snow and by Sunday the snow was gone and it was mostly ice with small puddles of 1-2" deep water and some remaining pockets of snow. Sleds made travel extremely easy and the only place I saw a couple atv's stuck was in the remaining snow pockets. I'm sure by this coming weekend all snow will be gone and as long as you can find a good place to cross the ridge, you'll have easy travel with atv's. Hope this helps!
  6. Good luck and enjoy your time up there. I haven't been up in over a month so starting to go through withdrawals! Reports are always welcomed
  7. Fred_Bear

    Lake trout blanks

    Yup... very good blank for lakers. I trimmed 2' off the butt end and built it with a 12" split grip handle. The blank has plenty of power but still has a good bend when fighting a fish to keep it pinned. The perfect 1/2 oz tube jig blank IMO. The blank is like $10 from get bit outdoors, but shipping will be $15 so you'll save if you can order a bunch at once. Midwest Rod and Reel may have them in stock locally if you're in the twin cities.
  8. NOHRSC Interactive Snow Map Check out this map... looks like they are in the 8-16" range.
  9. Fred_Bear

    Pre-Wrapped St Croix Ice Blanks??

    I can't help you with finding what you looking for, but I can give you another option. Buy the rod you want and remove the handle. Then you can put whatever handle you want on it. I've rebuilt a couple rods this winter. They were both rods where I liked the blank but hated the handle/guides. There's really not much to stripping a rod. If you're talking the St. Croix Premiers then it would only take a couple minutes to remove that handle... It takes a little longer if there's a reel seat.
  10. Fred_Bear

    Icing Lakers

    First advice is to ask the guys you're going with what to use and listen to them if they are experienced up there. Presentations can vary lake to lake. For presentation my advice is to keep is simple, tie a tube jig on and leave it on. 4" white tube, 3/8 oz horizontal tube jig, stinger hook - bring a few of each and you're good to go. Icing lakers in NW ON isn't about having a secret lure, it's about staying mobile and being on active fish. I use 15 lb braid tied to a 15 lb fluorocarbon leader. I can't find a laker rod in a store that I like so I make my own. The best ones you will find on a shelf are probably the Thorne Bros Pro Glass or Pro Graphite, but they are spendy. If you don't want to spend that kind of money, at least look at them and try to get something close. I like long rods, 42"-48", I think it helps a lot in keeping fish pinned.
  11. Fred_Bear

    Can I legally get on this lake?

    You're asking the wrong people... email this to your local DNR fisheries office.
  12. Fred_Bear

    auger extensions

    It only fits Clam and Strikemaster hand augers.
  13. Fred_Bear

    Best St. Croix Premier Ice combo for walleyes

    I've caught a lot of walleyes on the 28" ML Premier. Perfect power/action for eater sized eyes up to 20" and big perch. If you're regularly catching fish over 20" and using 1/4 spoons then I'd step it up to the medium. The ML can certainly handle a bigger fish but the M will do better. Likewise the ML will be better for your average eaters.
  14. Fred_Bear

    attaching reels to rods

    Castrating bands for small fish, tape for big fish.
  15. Fred_Bear

    So when's it walkable...?

    I can't wrap my head around why the charts say a person can go on thinner ice than a snowmobile. Drive a snowmobile into some deep snow or slush and get off, what happens... the snowmobile sits on top, and you sink in to your knees. Do the math, a person on 2 feet has roughly twice the PSI of a snowmobile with a person and gear on it. I must be missing something ??
  16. Take a look at L&M's shipping cost on flip overs. $50-$75 on small one mans and $175-$200 on the larger ones. That brings their low prices back to reality. I have no idea if they would honor online prices in the store or allow you to do in-store pickup... but I doubt it.
  17. Fred_Bear

    Tilt bed operation on 2 place Sled Bed Trailer

    I've never launched them, at least that I realized... never actually thought about that as a possibility haha I'll pay more attention now. Sled stays on the trailer at home... only places I load/unload is on gravel roads or PWA parking lots and that's where I use the blocks if by myself. Only issue is one time I forgot them on the trailer after leaving so I had to drive back to my parking spot and get them... good thing I remembered or I would have been out 2 bucks.
  18. Fred_Bear

    Tilt bed operation on 2 place Sled Bed Trailer

    I put 2 landscaping bricks on the back of my trailer to make it tilt when loading by myself. Works great and the price was FREE.
  19. Fred_Bear

    buying used ATV

    54K?!?! That's seriously impressive... What model is it?
  20. You can use a layout almost anywhere, just make it match the field as best as you can. I've shot birds out of layouts hid in plain black dirt/mud on multiple occasions.
  21. Saturday opener was my wife's first time in the field with me... we had a good time and stayed an hour and a half after limiting just to enjoy the show. Check out the 1 beautiful greenhead on the far right... one of the nicest colored mallards I've ever seen in September but of course this one showed up when we already had limits on the ground. This bird seems to have lost its mind! This goose was so dumb it landed in the spread twice, both times my wife chased it out of the spread and walked to within 10 yards before it would fly away.
  22. Fred_Bear

    Towing Otter Resort with Snowmobile

    I've seen this done and it worked well to keep the slush and water out.
  23. Fred_Bear

    ATV front Ice Auger Rack

    I was using a auger rack that didn't support the powerhead (similar to digger) and had the adapter that attaches the flighting to the powerhead come loose from the pounding. The same thing would happen with a Digger in rough terrain... I'll be sticking to a rack that supports the powerhead from now on.
  24. Hmm and since zebes were confirmed in Melissa this spring... one can only wish. Would love to see the Pelican River chain filled in with stocking.