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  1. How come there are none of the usual JR. naysayers on here saying he can't drive a race car? No one can watch the last 2 laps of that race and say he didn't drive the helch out of that thing. He only has a Cup ride because of his name-- bologna.
  2. Something Phil used to say all the time that always cracked me up and I will always think of him anytime I hear it the rest of my life. "Like a one legged man in an a$$ kicking contest" RIP Capt Phil
  3. B-bear


    Sled, How can you point fingers at Cutler and say he is a punk but then are a big fan of Kyle Busch?
  4. These are stats directly from Nascar dot com before the Michigan race. I'm not sure how you guys rank him as an average driver. He didn't do all this in Hendrick equipment. I believe alot of it was DEI equipment. Even though Earnhardt is seeing more disappointment than celebration these days, he is still one of the best drivers this past decade. He made his first Cup start at Lowe's Motor Speedway in 1999 and finished 16th. His first full Cup season began in 2000 and he is among the leaders in every statistical category in that timeframe. INSIDE THE DATA 18 --Wins for Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his career, fifth from 2000 to present. Jimmie Johnson (43), Jeff Gordon (33), Tony Stewart (33), and Kurt Busch (19) rank higher. 87 --Number of top-fives for Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his career, fifth from 2000 to present. Jeff Gordon (139), Tony Stewart (130), Jimmie Johnson (110), and Matt Kenseth (91) rank higher. 140 --Number of top-10s for Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his career, sixth from 2000 to present. Jeff Gordon (207), Tony Stewart (204), Jimmie Johnson (170), Matt Kenseth (168), and Mark Martin (149) rank higher. 6,473 --Number of laps led for Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his career, fourth from 2000 to present. Jeff Gordon (10,198), Tony Stewart (9,282) and Jimmie Johnson (8,438) rank higher.
  5. He missed the pit box cause the donkey holding the sign only had the sign bar out half way. Watch the replay you can see the member of the pit crew holdin the bar in the middle-- not on the end. Jr even commmented on the radio after it happened "Did you guys shorten the pole for the pit sign? I didn't see nuthin' right there".
  6. B-bear

    Is it just me?

    I agree with you Colonel. Joe Buck is an arrogant donkey. He is riding on the coat tails of his old man. Kinda like the Caray's. Although I don't think Chip is as bad as Joe Buck.
  7. BKFT, I have a 2003 Alumacraft TP Single console with the 140 4 strk Johnson. Basically the same boat with the same motor since Johnson bought the 140 Suzuki from them and painted it white. When I picked mine up it was the same as yours (slower than anticipated) but my RPM's were around 5800 WOT. That was on the 21 pitch alum prop. I switched to the 19 pitch alum prop and my RPM's went up to 6100-6200 which is where it should be and my speed also increased to low to mid 40 mph. The 19 might give you too high of RPM's. They didn't make a stock 20 pitch for the Johnson at that time for me to try so maybe you could try to get one for Suzuki ---if they make it now??
  8. "Everbody's got a plan-- until they get hit in the mouth." Mike Tyson Bears 31 Colts 24
  9. Hey fellas, Yeah long time Bears fan here. I think we will be OK in the playoffs. New Orleans worries me some and Dallas did also at one point but now I don't think Dallas is all that and a bag of donuts. I think the Bears are holding back somewhat the last 3 games not trying to show their hand for the playoffs. My bro back in Chi told me he heard an interview with Rivera who stated that they were trying different looks and etc. So that may be part of what ills the Def. The St Louis game they were in a prevent the whole last quarter and only rushing 3 Linemen which kinda allowed Bulger more time. Tampa worried me until I saw some of the game on NFL replay-- basically it was 2 sort passes that went for long YAC. I didn't see any of the Det game. I think the loss of Tommie Harris is cause for concern but if we get Todd and Tank Johnson back along with Vasher we are in better shape. Crazy 8 hopefully will keep the turnovers to a minimum. We shall see. If we make it to the SB beating the Bolts will be tough. It should be nice to at least make it there tho.
  10. I am pretty sure Andy Reid called the plays when Chili was still in Philly. It doesn't seem to me that they adjust to the other teams adjustments-- if you get what I mean? In other words they come out well in the beginning with a decent game plan and usually score early on. But then the other team will adjust and start to shut them down. Then Chili doesn't seem to adjust to the adjustments the opposition just made.
  11. B-bear

    Trade Talk

    Edgardo Alfonso is on the DL. 15-day DL as of Jun 13, 2005 (Strained left quadriceps)
  12. Rip, Gander's HSOforum Ad is showing the 2.99 price on Raps for the Mankato location. You might want to call them to make sure tho.
  13. The vikes are gonna need Ty Law to cover the now best WR in the NFC Nort-- Mushin Muhammad. Oh by the way the Bears released David Terrell today -- maybe the Vikes could pick him up. His bad attitude ought to fit right in. What turd that guy was. da bears
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    Just because they started testing doesn't mean that there aren't going to be some guys who continue to use them. Look at Track and Field. It has been well documented that many in track and field have been using for years and never got caught. Many of the better "chemists" know how to avoid coming up positive on the tests. Yes it may be true that some players will stop using out of fear that they will get caught but I'm willing to bet that some will continue to use for as long as the testing technology lags behind.
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