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  1. Here's my 6 month old Black Lab "Hunter" with his First birds.
  2. 15 foot, 1964 duracraft with a 1965 Chrysler outboard. how's that for an antique?
  3. Thanks all, I guess I'll just have to take a good look and figure oout where they're getting in/out, and do the screen one-way door thing. and seal up the rest. CFRay: I think your on to something since I have dormer windows near the spot I hear them. I think that might be where they're coming in. And thanks to everyone for there input.
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for info and any help. I have bats in my house attic, and has anyone had any luck in getting them out and keeping them out without having to call in a pro? how did you do it? I've researched it on the internet and they all pretty much say the same thing, to seal up all the hole but one and when they all fly out then plug the last hole. but how do you identify the Enterence/Exit holes? and how do you know when they're all out? or, has anyone had a pro come in and were happy with their work? any leads on who to call? Personal experience with a pro? and what did it cost for the pro to get them all out and seal the house? thanks for the help.
  5. here's mine, works great up to about 5inches or so of snow http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p392/cyrillic27/01-03-09_1242.jpg
  6. I used to have a honda civic hatchback, that me and my dad would go fishing in. His clam would fit nicely in the back with the back seats folded down. and it got 40mpg.
  7. I had this happen on my lawn tractor that I'm going to use for ice fishing. I took the cable off and warm in up to thaw the ice, then used my air compressor to blow out all the water, then I sprayed it full of white lithium grease, no more problems so far. you could always try that. it's alot cheaper than a new cable. you just have to make sure that the grease gets in there so no more water can get in. I wouldn't use WD40, it can evaporate and then water can get in there again. just my thought.
  8. Now that's a business idea for a teenager to earn a couple bucks over winter break. If ofcourse they lived on or near a lake.
  9. My FL8 pickes up my hardwood floors, but since water is denser then air there is a multiple of 3. 3 feet will equal a reading of 9 feet. and if I put my hand under the puck it does show up on the vex. I've had my battery run low and it will start to act up, but mostly it's just not as bright, then it'll just not show up anymore. BTW a 12v battery at full charge should read 12.3volts or so.
  10. #1 all the way. I just love to get out and if I get fish its a bonus. I do have quite a bit of equipment, but that's only because I've gotten really good deals from friends and family.
  11. Haven't they heard of "natural selection"? I'm a firm believer that if we start down the road of having the goverment tell us when something is "safe" or not we're in for a world of idiots just waiting for someone to tell them when to do everything in their life. It's sad times when no one will take responsibility for themselves. Just my opinion of course.
  12. Green aztec pattern. Used but, in really good shape. I can take pictures tonight and either email or text them to you if you'd like. Must be picked up in Monticello this weekend. It's still in my living room so it's not bad stuff, and still very useable. I can be there to help load. Email me at Cyrillic27 at hotmail dot com. or reply to this post.
  13. I've had several spikes walk right up to me while I was smoking!! I think they we curious about it. Although I've never had a mature buck do that. I've also never had one get scared out of gun range while smoking. I will be smoking on stand this year, but I would say that if you can go without smoking while out there it would be better.
  14. So I bought a .50 cal CVA Buckhorn and I want to go sight it in tonight. My question is how high at 50yards to be close at 100yards? I'm going to be shooting 100 grains of 777 pellets and 240 grain TC sabot hollow points. I've heard between 2 and 4 inches, does that sound right? Thanks for all the help.
  15. I'll be hunting a half hour north of my house. I luckily got permission to hunt my neighbor's 80 acres of oak woods in Santiago. She's hoping to get some venision steaks again this year, and I'm hoping to get some for her. I'll be my first year hunting private land, so I might be wierd haveing all that land to ourselves. Really looking forward to it.
  16. I found a good sale on the CVA Buckhorn 209 mag. I know that it's the cheapy one, but I figured I'd try it out and see if I like it before spending too much money. And if I do upgrade my girlfriend has already hinted and wanting it. I got the 777 pellets and some TC 240grain sabots, I figured 2 pellets? going to sight it in on friday. Just wanted to try something different, and it should be more accurate than my smooth bore 12gage.
  17. I'll be muzzleloader hunting for the first time this year. I just bought my new gun last night. Going to sight it in this weekend. I'm going to use it for the regular gun season, not just ML season. should be fun.
  18. I'd like to get into black powder hunting and thought for the price this would be a good starting gun. Any thoughts? what do all you guys use? ammo? powder or pellets? thanks for the help.
  19. I'm hunting a new area this year, my first time on private land. So my question is What kind of stuff to use to bring the deer to my stand. I put up a stand at what looks to be a good area. Now I just want to bring them in. I went to a sporting goods store and saw all the different licks, liquids, and the dog food looking stuff, that's suppose to provide minerals. just wondering what works for you guys? By the way, its an oak forest type area, and it hasn't been hunted in years.
  20. I sent you an email. Please let me know if I got in first, I can pick it up almost anytime that's good by you. Thanks
  21. Not sure where you were thinking, but Lake Maria state park by Monticello, has cabins to rent. it's on lake Maria, and have some trails to hike on. The leaves are in full color right now around there. they don't have camper sites so it should be pretty quite, I would think. just a thought, of somewhere close.
  22. I'm not trying to kill myself, I just figured about 12-13mph would be fine. I did put bigger tires on the back, the ATV tires are 25X11-12 with low air pressure for a little "suspension". Going to the bigger tires got me from 5.5mph to 7 or so. It's more of just a tinkering project. I'd like to get a real ATV soon, but this is just for fun. After selling off the part that I didn't need I only have $15 into it, so it's not like I'm creating a money pit. I have pics but I can't seem to post them, I'll have to try again. I used it last weekend to pull lumber out for my deer stand and it worked great.
  23. I would think it would work great as long as there isn't too much snow. I'm planning on using my garden tractor this year. I put ATV tires on the back and I'm going to put chains on. What size rims are on the cart? do you have room for ATV take off's? I had the turfsavers on my tractor and I'd get stuck in wet grass. Now that I have the ATV tires on it, I haven't gotton stuck yet and I used it to build my deer stand this last weekend. It went through alot and was pullin 100 pounds of 2X4's. If nothing else get it on video and put it on youtube.
  24. I'm 99.9% sure that it's a mark II. it doesn't have the accutrigger, but I like this gun. VERY accurate, We've hit a toothbrush at 75yards, I have a 3X9 scope on it. I thought I've seen them at other sporting goods store for about $140-150 or there about.
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