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  1. BradT

    My Dogs first Birds!!

    Here's my 6 month old Black Lab "Hunter" with his First birds.
  2. BradT

    anyone running an antique?

    15 foot, 1964 duracraft with a 1965 Chrysler outboard. how's that for an antique?
  3. BradT

    Bats in attic, Removal?

    Thanks all, I guess I'll just have to take a good look and figure oout where they're getting in/out, and do the screen one-way door thing. and seal up the rest. CFRay: I think your on to something since I have dormer windows near the spot I hear them. I think that might be where they're coming in. And thanks to everyone for there input.
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for info and any help. I have bats in my house attic, and has anyone had any luck in getting them out and keeping them out without having to call in a pro? how did you do it? I've researched it on the internet and they all pretty much say the same thing, to seal up all the hole but one and when they all fly out then plug the last hole. but how do you identify the Enterence/Exit holes? and how do you know when they're all out? or, has anyone had a pro come in and were happy with their work? any leads on who to call? Personal experience with a pro? and what did it cost for the pro to get them all out and seal the house? thanks for the help.
  5. BradT

    lets see your ice rides

    here's mine, works great up to about 5inches or so of snow http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p392/cyrillic27/01-03-09_1242.jpg
  6. BradT

    Small SUV's and Portables

    I used to have a honda civic hatchback, that me and my dad would go fishing in. His clam would fit nicely in the back with the back seats folded down. and it got 40mpg.
  7. BradT

    Throttle will not MOVE!

    I had this happen on my lawn tractor that I'm going to use for ice fishing. I took the cable off and warm in up to thaw the ice, then used my air compressor to blow out all the water, then I sprayed it full of white lithium grease, no more problems so far. you could always try that. it's alot cheaper than a new cable. you just have to make sure that the grease gets in there so no more water can get in. I wouldn't use WD40, it can evaporate and then water can get in there again. just my thought.
  8. BradT

    pulling sled thru snow

    Now that's a business idea for a teenager to earn a couple bucks over winter break. If ofcourse they lived on or near a lake.
  9. BradT

    help vexilar problem

    My FL8 pickes up my hardwood floors, but since water is denser then air there is a multiple of 3. 3 feet will equal a reading of 9 feet. and if I put my hand under the puck it does show up on the vex. I've had my battery run low and it will start to act up, but mostly it's just not as bright, then it'll just not show up anymore. BTW a 12v battery at full charge should read 12.3volts or so.
  10. BradT

    Be honest which are you?

    #1 all the way. I just love to get out and if I get fish its a bonus. I do have quite a bit of equipment, but that's only because I've gotten really good deals from friends and family.
  11. Gone, Thanks to everyone that looked
  12. BradT

    Fine For Being On Early Ice

    Haven't they heard of "natural selection"? I'm a firm believer that if we start down the road of having the goverment tell us when something is "safe" or not we're in for a world of idiots just waiting for someone to tell them when to do everything in their life. It's sad times when no one will take responsibility for themselves. Just my opinion of course.
  13. Green aztec pattern. Used but, in really good shape. I can take pictures tonight and either email or text them to you if you'd like. Must be picked up in Monticello this weekend. It's still in my living room so it's not bad stuff, and still very useable. I can be there to help load. Email me at Cyrillic27 at hotmail dot com. or reply to this post.
  14. BradT

    Cigarettes or chew?

    I've had several spikes walk right up to me while I was smoking!! I think they we curious about it. Although I've never had a mature buck do that. I've also never had one get scared out of gun range while smoking. I will be smoking on stand this year, but I would say that if you can go without smoking while out there it would be better.
  15. So I bought a .50 cal CVA Buckhorn and I want to go sight it in tonight. My question is how high at 50yards to be close at 100yards? I'm going to be shooting 100 grains of 777 pellets and 240 grain TC sabot hollow points. I've heard between 2 and 4 inches, does that sound right? Thanks for all the help.