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  1. kosterguide

    6th Annual HSO Fantasy Auto Racing League!

    am back for year two.. . the two wins i got last year i forgot to change my drivers thats gonna be my stradgy this year to forget changing and second guessing, every time i second guessesd i was wrong good luck to all
  2. kosterguide

    Can i fit a bow mount on this boat?

    this winter we built a mount for my duck boat and i hope it works. we just took a cunck of steel and cut it out to match the v and rails and made a couple of braces and its strong. if you need help give me a call 218-556-9409
  3. kosterguide

    Week 1 Winner

    dang i should of never taken jamie mcmurry off my rooster i change that last minute , what a ending great race even with the delays
  4. kosterguide

    Won't start in 4WD

    is it a electical switch to 4 wheel is so i am guess that is your problem. my old one did that
  5. kosterguide

    Ice house lights

    in all of my houses i have run the rope lights from cabels, i love them things. i also have propane lights but those rope lights strung on the top of the walla and around the baseboards man do they light up the holes, if you look around for them you can get runs of them for around 12 if you find them on sale
  6. kosterguide

    2009 Waterfowl Photos

    [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  7. i have shot lots of roosters using steel. and in the early seasons i have for the last 15 years used 3inch 6 1 1/4 once. now in the later part of the season i use 1 7/8 magnum number 4s i have never felt the need to go to number 2s, find the right choke and use mags and you can reach your target, the roosters i dropped this past weekend were not very close at all and i brought them down with 6s so i guess in my opinion 2s are a little over board
  8. kosterguide

    Ticket of the year award

    see i read in the first message that it did not include that he was covered in camo and had decoys some important info was left out. i would aggree now that he was guilty, if it would of said that right of way i would never said a thing
  9. kosterguide

    Ticket of the year award

    in my case i use boats to access some pheasant ground that is privet and i carry lead all the time and i am not afriad to say that, but yes if he has a gun and other stuff he is prolly guilty but if he might have enough of a case to fight thou
  10. kosterguide

    Ticket of the year award

    yea i agree this guy was not that smart but, 1 lead is only illegal for hunting waterfowl, not haveing on water. everyone on here thinks it is illgal to have lead on you when your on water and its not. i take lead with me some time out in the boat becuase we use it to get to our other side of propurty and we hunt grouse. I even talked to a co about this and he said it is only illgal if we would use it on water, being in possesion is not illgal unless you have it readly avilble for use while you are waterfowl hunting is what he told me and showed me in a rules book
  11. kosterguide

    found gun

    yea i think he did chad is a good friend and we talked and he said he was going to contact them to see if there was any report of a gun missing or if they could trace the gun.
  12. kosterguide

    how to become a guide?

    There is actully alot of rules to become a guide. 1st depending on where you want to guide you need to find out if you need to be licences, some place you dont need to be registered. then if you decided to run a charter boat you need to go and get your captins licenses. but if you want to run independet you need to get a tax id number,cpr cert,insurance, a good boat lol, it actully costs some money to start. call your local dnr enforcment officer and ask if you and him can sit down and he would be willing to help anyway he could Travis Koster
  13. kosterguide

    First timer wants to take son deer hunting

    some sit all day and other sit for a couple of hours, for me and my group. we sit till like 10 am then get down go relocate everyone, then we skin and quarter the deer that have fallen. then we move a couple miles from where we hunt and push the woods tward our land. then after that drive we go sit again. I love to sit for like 5 minued then i get stir crazy but i wish i could do it all day while others are driving, the girls that usally dont drive with us hope in our stands and by the time we get back they usally have deer. so sit or not its your choice but both are good options
  14. kosterguide

    Who Knows?

    i dont think it is a tulbee, look at the head a little more. the tulbee has a short trinangle head. and who says there no good to eat they are my favorite on the smoker
  15. kosterguide

    Minnesota combination sportsman license

    accruding to people up in the state office there will not be a muskie stamp due to it cost money for the stamps and there would not be enough stamps sold to make it worth its time to do so. remeber they have contest to for artist to paint these things and that is not cheap, i dont think you have to worry to much about that