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  1. SP180

    Vexilar vs Marcum

    this question is beat to death. both are great (chevy vs ford). Pick the one that looks the best for you. not works the best since there really is no comparison to determin that question.
  2. SP180

    Go To Ice Rod...

    For my Ice house, I use 3 rods. 1 is TB Perchsweet heart for walleyes and perch, TB Dead stick for sitting in a hole next to me and TB trip wire or quiverstick for panfish. all very sensitive rods and very well done.
  3. SP180

    Clam 6 pack 1660; Reviews

    Used mine for the first time this week. Very nice. Had 4 guys with lost of space. I turly do not believe the set up in the ad will work for a trip with 6 guys sitting around the table but that is what is to be expected. i too broke a few of the pulls. Called the company and got replacements in 1 day.
  4. SP180

    Ice Rod Case

    Found for $29. Looked for another on the Plano HSOforum and it was listed at $129.
  5. Looking for a new or close to New 7" blazer mag auger assembly. Just PM me.
  6. SP180

    Which One Man?

    I have 2 scouts. Love them. The first is about 4 years old. The second is one year old and has more room then the older one. No poles to extend! Fits in most vehicles and is easy to lift. I also have the Yukon. I had the guide at one time but got ride of that one.
  7. SP180

    flasher decisions

    As a Marcum guy I regret saying this but anyone will do you well. Each behave a little different but nothing dramatic.
  8. SP180

    Gas Ice Auger Dilemma: Jiffy vs. Eskimo

    If you have never had an auger, what ruled out strikemaster?
  9. SP180

    Ice Fishing Arsenal

    Strikemaster Lazer Mag 9" (Solo Lazer Mag 7" on the way) Marcum Lx 3, Lx 2, Lx 1 Fish trap scout Fish trap scout TC Fish trap Yukon 96 ATV 96 and 97 Sleds Multiple Thornebro rods Pfluger reels Ton of misculanous stuff Strikemaster Suit Garmin Oregon 450 GPS with Lakemaster chip
  10. Flasher: Marcum LX 3 and LX 2 Clam Scout and Yukon Throne Bro rods H2O and Garmen 450 1996 Polaris 4X4, Skidoo Sled, Artic Cat sled Strikemaster 9" Wifes permission to go fishing