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  1. Theres some nice places around Hoven, but anywhere up in that aberdeen area, or bit south is all good. I always drive back through Mitchell....birds know where their safe havens are though!!
  2. FishinGirlMN

    first ice?

    Depends on weather...many years I have been out on Thanksgiving afternoon or that weekend. Best know your lakes! Or find someone who does!
  3. FishinGirlMN

    need the ladies advice

    I agree completely with Lisa...Been fishing since i was one hand old!! Layers and wool...good boots with room for air! Oh and make sure you sit of some fish! smile.
  4. FishinGirlMN

    I'd like to get my girls "hooked"

    my kids will get mad if I don't go out everynite...esp my lil girl! Boys will sit for 10 hrs if I let em... maybe genetic?? JK.. gota have the fish biting to make em come back for more..that or go nite crawler hunting... Ah come on be a kid again:) Its memories they will always have! PS take lots of grow fast!
  5. FishinGirlMN

    Finally starting my '09 fish house project!

    Ok SapperACE...when your done with your project, wanna do the inside of mine? You do some nice work. Not sure where your at but Lakefield Native Ernie must've built your base!?
  6. FishinGirlMN


    With Fishing...Size always matters!!! LOL
  7. FishinGirlMN


    Ok guys... don't laugh... but I LOVE holding an 8" auger! Thinkin I might go to a 10" this year! Lil rods are fun but rattle wheels always get my attention! ps gotta sneek a few toddies in there 2! GOTTA LOVE the ICE FISHING FORUM!!!
  8. FishinGirlMN

    Wheelhouse manufacturers

    If your in Blue earth, Check out Polar Ice/Shack Racks in Lakefield on I90. He's been building tandem, drop hitch, hydraulic frames for years!!
  9. FishinGirlMN

    Insulated floor or not??

    Spray foam or for sure insulate! Wouldn't got without it now! Especially if your sleeping overnight!
  10. FishinGirlMN

    Ice Fishing Box: Lighted

    Oh I hear ya...but with 3 kids I use all the wholes in the house and my tip ups get ran over.
  11. FishinGirlMN

    Ice Fishing Box: Lighted

    Custom made I guess?! I did find a guy in Saskatoon who makes small ones 12X16, so Im gonna check em out next week while Im in Canada. Guess I need to start my own side business of making these huh? The Finicky Fish Factory is $100 but I've been using simple trigger boxes with rattle wheels installed for over 20 years...homemade. Should've patented em huh? or maybe I should get on that! Any buyers???
  12. FishinGirlMN

    Ice Fishing Box: Lighted

    Wondering if anyone has some extra wooden box style ice fishing tip up/lights/buzzers boxes? I would like to make some or buy, so if anyone has plans on "how to" build or would be willing to make some for me or has some they'd like to sell. These are fully enclosed tip ups, helps keep the hole from freezing and snow drifting in-- lil light on top would be great, buzzer for my cb even better. Thanks! CJ
  13. FishinGirlMN

    put some hogs in the boat

    Which lake do you fish up there? I LUV to fish Canada!
  14. FishinGirlMN

    Who are we? Post your Bios here!

    I grew up by Okabena/Lakefield. Then moved to Brookings, lived in my fishhouse in College, so I know all those lakes in SD. Then off to Slayton, then to Zimmerman, now in Spicer. But, I know the whole state of MN since I travel and work in Ag.
  15. FishinGirlMN

    Who are we? Post your Bios here!

    Lake Sarah by Slayton? I used to live on Shetek and fished those 2 lakes ALL the time. That was 10 years ago. Small world! Tami, are you from that area?