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  1. Difficulty killing deer is not the problem. Sounds like SE MN is the way to go, land prices are just outrageous down there. But, i guess you get what you pay for.
  2. Where are some good spots for property in Minnesota? We have 280 Acres in Northwestern Wisconsin and are thinking about relocating. Where are some good spots to look in Minnesota for Whitetail hunting? Any help or tips are greatly appreciated! -Travis
  3. Does anybody know what the snow depth in the woods is around the duluth-NW Wisconsin area? thanks!
  4. Brad, could you please email it to me at.. [email protected]
  5. TMauer14


    Looking to buy a skid house for around $800 dollars, if you know if anyone has one for sale, id be more then happy to look at it.
  6. Of course, ill be happy spending time with my brother. I havent seen him for a year and a half. I just want to have a good time with him and catch some fish and catch up.
  7. My brother is coming home from iraq in a couple weeks, just wondering if anyone knows any good crappie/walleye spots i can take him to? I'm an avid fisherman, but because of time can only hit the very close lakes, but im willing to take him 50-60 miles for some good fishing! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. All fish were released besides the sunnies and crappies. Gettin em developed right now and ill put em on!
  9. It will never happen again. (for me at least)
  10. Went out fishing yesterday from 11am to 5pm and just completely hammered! Me,My dad,Uncle and My cousin went to an area lake yesterday that nobody can get on anymore but we have a buddy that has land on the lake well... we had some luck! 38" 16lb 2oz Northern. 34" 12lb 7oz Northern. 32" 10lb 4oz Northern. 31" 9lb 12oz Northern. 23" 5lb 1oz Bass. 21" 4lb 2oz Bass. 33 8+" keeper Sunnies. 14 11+" keeper Crappies. We couldnt believe the day!
  11. Alright Guys. My dad is coming up from florida and he likes to fish. i really dont. i just want him to be on a good northern lake for the weekend. If you could help me out that would be great.
  12. I know we already have a thread but that one got really long. I am hoping i can get mine up this week.
  13. Its all about the Buddy Heater. Warms it quick. has an automatic shut off if oxygen levels get to low and Carbon Dioxide,Monoxide Etc. Are too high. Its top of the line
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