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  1. Best of luck fivebucks! Sounds like the red run is doing about average so far...hopefully you'll hit some big days. Who/where are you going butt fishing with? LoonASea...I have my first and only Okuma reel (spinning, model Stinson) sitting by my chair with a busted handle. I bought it cheap-ish before last years trip, but it has about 5 days fishing on it total. It's a heavier series, think 6000, so it should have been able to handle a few reds. Junk.
  2. 150 hp Yamaha vMax, 2 stroke. 80 lb Riptide 24 volt trolling motor 10,500/bo 218-428-6258 more pics soon...
  3. Not to mention he'd be facing permanent excommunication from the Duluth fishing elite if he were to be caught wasting one of our delicious lake superior coho's as bait! Have a blast in Sitka LoonAsea:) I'm jealous already....!
  4. Made it home late Friday. Fantastic week, best weather I've ever had for an AK trip! We started in Seward, and I managed a 6 fish limit the first 2 days. I was checking the reports from the Russian and it started out slow there, so we decided not to leave good fishing and just stayed in Seward the whole week. Managed to come home with about 160 lbs of red fillets between the two of us...would have been even more but my buddies back was acting up and he couldn't go at it very hard. Still very happy with the results, and Seward is just a great little town to hang around in for a week. Plus I learned a lot about tides and fish movement by being there every day for a week...should be able to do even better next time:)
  5. We have a campsite the 13-16th. Sounds like a heck of a lot of rain, or rain predicted. Looks like we might be looking at another high water year on the Russian like a couple years ago?
  6. sure will fivebucks. No, I expect we'll be able to do fine on the KP, and although I'd like to see the area around the Klutina, it will be hard to justify the fuel/mileage for the RV, not to mention the drive time. I expect we'll probably stick with the Russian/Seward.
  7. Just a fairly quick trip this year; no family, just me and a buddy. No charters....we have a good amount of halibut vac packed left from last year, kings are still not worth chasing, so this year it'll just be reds. We'll spend time in Seward, have 4 days reserved at the Russian, and if either of those are dead we'll drive to the Klutina and give that a whirl. Either way, it's Alaska:)
  8. I was seeing more a couple days ago...maybe the cooler weather has slowed them down a bit. What cameras have you guys been seeing the most fish on?
  9. for a project that you only need a couple years out of, this is exactly what I'd do. Forget the grout.
  10. Kudos for having the gumption to get your own business up and running, I'm sure you'll find it more satisfying than working for others, and hopefully more profitable as well! Now guiding on the Kenai...I expect you might have a different perspective (and opinion) but it sure sounds like that rivers getting loved to death. Heck, it was a circus when I first fished the lower river in 96, and they keep allowing more guides. What's your guide #? Just curious as to how many are working the river now.
  11. traveler


    They got it right, but man, so close...
  12. The coin rubber can be slippery, but do an online search for rolled rubber flooring; it's available in different thicknesses and some colors. I think mine is 5/16ths. I installed some 1/2 inch for an outfitter and that was a bear to work with, but the thinner stuff is fine. The surface is kind of matte, pretty much the ideal fish house flooring in my book. I think it cost me about 300.00 to do my 6.5 x 14, including the very expensive adhesive it requires, but it's pretty much a lifetime floor.
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