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  1. You'd have better luck asking if anyone found a $20 bill on the ground. I know some of the bays of DL have fishable ice, and smaller slough are good to go.
  2. IT's going to have to get brutally cold in the next few weeks for drivable ice. They're forecasting temps in the 40s again this weekend. But, things can change in a hurry up here...
  3. Devils will be awhile yet, especially if we get the snow forecasted. Smaller bodies are iced up with a few inches, though.
  4. Buddies are out SMASHING them this morning. Bunch of fresh birds in the area. I've never been so depressed to be stuck in an office.
  5. This is an observation of current events combined with years of waterfowl hunting experience. But I do have (crazy) friends out hunting this morning and the next few days. Will give an update when I hear word. As for 5+ days to seal completely, we're going to be below freezing for highs through Saturday. Then a brief warm-up followed by several more days of below-freezing temps. So take that for what it's worth. This is the first real winter storm we've had, and it's a good'un. So I stand by what I said: Get out there while the gettin' is good! I imagine there are some kamikaze birds on the wing in this weather.
  6. If you ain't hunting today, you're missing it. Here in Fargo: 40-50 mph sustained winds, snow and ice. It's a dang ground blizzard. Gonna button up fast! Get 'em while the getting is good.
  7. Big storm forecasted for Canada in SK and MB today. Snow/sleet and rain. Might be a good push.
  8. Was out phez hunting briefly in SE ND on Sunday. Saw about 10 ducks total. Spoke with my Winnipeg friend and they're continuing to whack birds up across our border. I agree with Ufatz...still plenty heading our way. The when and for how long is the questions...
  9. Shot my doe 45 minutes after opener Friday. Saw 15 deer total...mostly bucks (of course). Had her skinned, deboned, ground, cubed, steaked and packaged Saturday in time to take the little woman out for supper. Hunted the hounds Sunday on some wiley ringnecks. Pretty typical deer opener weekend for me. I can honestly say the deer numbers have increased greatly in the area I hunted compared to previous years.
  10. Neighbor_Guy is spot on. Many, many birds still stacked up in Canada. My Portage la Prairie, MB friend is piling up bills, green heads, green-winged teal...you name it. As long as it stays nice up there, and there's plenty of food in the fields (which there are) the birds have no reason to move. I tromped around south of Devils Lake and in SE ND this weekend. Few Canada geese and some cacklers, but ducks were virtually nonexistent. There are pockets, for sure, but you're going to need to burn some petrol to find them. It's getting below freezer over night, but highs are in the 40s to high 50s for the next 10 days. Don't expect anything soon...
  11. The other part about ducks landing in the middle is because they learn pretty quick that being close to the shore is a danger zone. I've seen ducks landing on whitecaps in 30-mph winds in the middle of a slough because they refused to fly near cover. Survival is a powerful instinct.
  12. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they confront some of these dingleberries. Like, how do you NOT know this is illegal? "Oh, durr, I didn't realize I couldn't build a permanent structure on public property. My bad." Morons...
  13. The service is being awfully lenient by allowing some owners to tear them down. If I was in charge, they'd all be torched...
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