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  1. AceintheHole

    Samsung Blu Ray issue

    Control 4 is your first problem. I am been in the low voltage industry for 15 years and would never touch a control 4 system nothing but problem. I have seen blue ray issues before because of the internet connection. Updating it can help but does not always fix the issue.
  2. AceintheHole

    Mille lacs

    Chapman is open to wheelers this weekend. 7" out two miles.
  3. AceintheHole

    First ice, ice fishing pics 2014

    Thole and Odowd normally freeze up first around that area...was thinking of heading to Odowd next weekend for sure......
  4. AceintheHole

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Awesome Flat Jake Keep them coming
  5. AceintheHole

    The season is almost over!!!

  6. AceintheHole

    The season is almost over!!!

    We didn't get any fish last night but we had a solid hit on a steak size piece of cut sucker had the fish on for a minute then it got in the rocks. ALL in ALL a great night to be out. John we have to finish our cribbage game. Score is ACE 1 John 1
  7. AceintheHole

    The season is almost over!!!

    email sent
  8. AceintheHole

    Whiskered Giants of the North

    Very nice and a good read
  9. AceintheHole


    Just wondering how it went. I have not been up there in a few years.
  10. AceintheHole

    Over Due Happy B-Day Thread From 09/06/09! Dtro!!!!!!!!

    Happy B-Day Darrin. Best wishes on you day