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    Root River

    and very murky... like choc milk near Preston on Thursday
  2. If you can go hole hopping on Valentine's Day and your wife is fine with it
  3. If you do end up looking for a vest I would not look at any other models than the "Avery Boaters Parka." Do a google search and you will find great prices on them. I have owned several different models and this out performs all of them in my opinion. They should fit very snug, but the sizing on these run on the small size. I had to get a XXL for my 82# lab.
  4. Ace is Schleepy! Snoop is Schleepy!
  5. +1 ... I spent over $1200 between July and August on my Yellow Lab at the Vet. (Treble hook inside the nostril and infected salivary gland.)
  6. I'll also send you an email. I have two dozen magnum shells that are in really good condition that I'll give you a great deal on. I'm also from Maple Grove
  7. Absolutely... The biggest thing in archery shooting is consistency! Eliminate the variables... Shoot the same type of arrows (lengths, weights, diameters)and make sure you are shooting the same weight field points.
  8. Definitely give 8 lb Power Pro a try in Moss Green color
  9. I have a Salter Brecknell Electro Samson Digital Fish Scale that is incredibly accurate. I do not typically weigh my bass unless I think they'll go over 4 lbs. I weigh my fish in a vinyl tournament bag and then just subtract the 12 oz. that the bag weighs. The bag really helps to keep the fish from shaking off and hitting the boat floor and it puts no added stress on the lips or gills (other than being out of the water).
  10. There are a lot of great videos on Youtube that may help answer ur question
  11. Like Juan mentioned.... I think your problem with the gut hook came from being late on the bite or the hookset. When you're fighting the fish back to the boat the hook is typically not going to adjust or change positions in the mouth. Sometimes the gut hook can be unavoidable, especially when you're fishing a bait that the sunfish are picking up in the shallows.
  12. Congrats Deitz! That is an awesome MN fish! Thanks for sharing the pic
  13. Morneau132


    I've noticed the bass prefer Mongomery Gentry or when Pavano pitches.....
  14. First two are the same fish.... 5# 1oz.Caught on a Trigger X Flutter Worm (Watermelon Redflake) Caught this 3# 6oz on a SPRO (First morning of Honeymoon!)
  15. Small original Rapalas and Salmo Hornets are great small cranks to catch multiple species of fish on ... from crappies to walleyes!
  16. Nice job on the multiple catches! Thanks for taking the time to share the pics
  17. Matt don't worry your livewell never has any fish in it
  18. 22 1/4" Caught on a Senko Watermelon/green flake out of lilly pads on Leech Lake. Weighed 6# 15oz on scale. Re-weighed but couldn't get the scale to flip to 7#... Hawg was released to grow! I'm still hunting for that 7#'er
  19. Morneau132

    Frog Help

    I prefer the SPRO and heavier style 5/8 oz frogs.... I use 40 lb braid...One thing I have noticed is my hooking percentage went way up with the lighter, softer frogs,(i.e. scumfrogs) however, you cant get them out nearly as far using a big heavy stick and 40lb power pro....
  20. Faribault area all weekend!
  21. Salmo Hornets in sizes #3 and #4 work great for crappies. They run very shallow and troll great. I suggest the hot perch, pearl orange, and firetiger.
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