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  1. So many ways for me to positively ID it without the stickers or serial number.
  2. It was only a swing toungue, not completely detachable. But it wouldn't have taken too much to make it fully detachable. But 20/20 hindsight now. they had this planned as they needed the equipment to get it road ready. theft proof vs. keeping honest people honest I guess and nothing is theft proof. these were just dishonest people/person. It didn't really sink in until talking to insurance today on what I really lost. What a mess!!
  3. Stolen Wednesday, August 8th, 2010 Navigator 175 Sport. If seen or have any details please call the EP police department at 952 949 6200 or email officer John Andrews at [email protected]
  4. ice - does your dog chase things? Try a dry pheasant wing on a pole. See this link for a good example of what not to do with this method. You will see the pup here catch the wing. This should NEVER happen. This training is supposed to do two basic things. Help with the prey drive (get them excited for wings/birds) and 2 - teach them that they can not catch the wing. Basically, if the pup chases the wing, and can not catch it, they will stop to 'think' on how to catch it. That stoppage is the start of pointing. All animals have a pointing instinct including humans. Think about a cat freezing before it pounces on a mouse or how a human momentarily stops before they swat a fly. If the pup ever catches the wing, however, you are instilling the opposite behavior that she can just bust in rather than pointing.
  5. Quoted from some gas techy HSOforum "The density of Carbon Monoxide at 20 °C (68 °F) is 0.96716 which is slightly lighter than the density of air (1.00). However, at 0 °C or 32 °F the density is increased to 1.250 which is much heavier than air. Practically speaking, placing the CO Alarm high or low is not a major concern at room temperature. CO permeates a room much like the scent of perfume dispersing uniformly in all directions and in effect engulfs a room. Install your CO Alarm within 40 ft of all rooms used for sleeping purposes." Are you sure that floor mounted detector isn't a propane detector instead of CO? Propane detectors should be at floor level.
  6. There are a couple of options to keep the flag from tripping: 1 - Clip the tails as others have mentioned. Bait will still fight to get away and usually fight more, but clipped tails totally change the vibration of the bait. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the mood of the fish that day. 2 - Adjust how much tension is required to trip the flag (may only apply to some types of tip ups). Most tip ups allow the height of the trip to be adjusted higher or lower. Also, one side of the trip is usually notched and the other side smooth. You can adjust the tension/force needed for the flag to trip by raising the height of the trip and placing the flag on the side of the trip so that when the bait/fish pulls on the line that the trip has to go "up-hill" on the flag for it to trip. If the flag is set too steep, then there is also the problem of the trip rotating back down the flag and tripping as well. With the size bait you are using, I would suggest also using the side of the trip which has the notch in it to further increase the force needed to trip the flag. 3 - Use a planer board/downrigger clip - Tie one of these to your tip up so that it hangs in the water. Place the line into the clip just enough so that the bait can't pull it out but a pike can.
  7. In my experience, let the breeder decide the best pup for you. Especially if you feel that it is one of the best breeders in the nation, they should be able to fit you with the best fit. But if your set on picking it yourself, here is what I look for at 3 weeks of age: 1 - shows curiosity. Can not be a lump on the log just sitting there. at 3 weeks each time they are brought out of there pen is like a new adventure to them. I want one that is curious but not so gung ho that he/she is getting into too much trouble already. 2 - behavior at the feed pan. I plan the visit at the breeder according to their feeding times. Watching them eat, I eliminate the ones that are the bully or is being bullied too much. 3 - Socialization - After the first two steps eliminates a few of the pups, I have the breeder remove the ones I eliminate and place them back in their pen. Then I play with the remaining pups to see which ones are social yet relaxed. Note - when the bully of the group has been removed, this step usually identifies bully #2 4 - after eliminations for 1-3 and there are a couple to choose from still, I any many miny moe it
  8. also look into Pudle Pointer. Although, you mentioned a lab, both the Visla and Pudle Pointer are pointing breeds and not flushing breeds when it comes to upland game.
  9. First off my definition of roading includes the pup actually pulling, not just running. I usually would wait until 12 mo. However, the trainer of my last pup had her rigged up to an ATV with 4-6 other dogs pulling the ATV around when she was 9 months. she LOVED pulling so much that I started to let her pull me around on my mountain bike. I would give a little assistance when needed (i.e. when first starting out and on inclines etc.) She was only 40lbs. I see no concern giving your dog this type of workout at this age (see disclaimer below ). Just don't over do it. Start with a short workout like half mile with lots of assistance twice a week. Then slowly increase distance to a couple miles. they make scooters specifically for this type of roading which are much safer than being on a mountain bike. disclaimer - giving your pup two activities that are distinctly different, i.e. walking at heel, and pulling/roading may actually help with the walking/heeling bit. However, there needs to be a clear distinction between the two and some tough love will be necessary to be given to both the pup and your wife in regards to the walking/heeling part. i.e. someone needs to start being the Alpha here
  10. home brews and the 'itch'....... I'm wondering if this is still a fishing discussion
  11. spoke to 61marine. They did confirm the financing issue but affirmed me that they were paying cash for the ordered boats and Alumacraft should have it delivered in 1-2 weeks. I will be swinging through Faribault tomorrow and will try and swing into Lacannes if they are open. I have been told 1-2 weeks too many times now to think this will be reality by hwy61.
  12. It is 61 marine!!!! @#$%^@#$%@#!$%@!#$%@#[email protected]#! Guess I need to make a call to them now instead of going in tomorrow!!
  13. Navigator 175 sport with 115 Yammie. Mostly river fishing with it on the Mississippi. their finance dept. as well as my bank locks in the interest rates for only 30 days. It is now 21 days. Will have to go through the whole credit check process again shortly. repeat credit checks in short periods negatively impacts credit ratings. Since they anticipated it only being within one week to get the ID#'s I would have thought they would have informed me for any delay.
  14. Ordered an Alumacraft from a dealer at a boat show. They indicated that they would contact me the following week to finalize the financing as it can not be finalized until the manufacturer provides the engine # and boat #'s and 1 week was typical. I firmly expressed that I wanted delivery of the boat ASAP since I was doing the rigging of electronics etc. myself. But now it is going on 3 weeks and each time I call they say they will have to check on it and will call me back. What is typical lead time for boats that are ordered? Should I be concerned here?
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