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  1. mikneb

    BIG Flower

    This is mikneb's wife...looks like you have a hardy hibiscus, and if the bloom is only 6 inches wide, it is a dwarf variety called "Luna Blush" and bushes 2' to 3' tall. Full-size hardy hibiscus grow to 5' or so and blooms are dinner plate size, 10". It can withstand cold winters--cut back the stalks in the fall to maybe 4" and cover with mulch like dry leaves to protect from cold temps. Be patient, plant sprouts may not show up until almost Memorial Day (here in NE), but you will be rewarded with blooms like this starting in mid summer. Hardy hibiscus withstand cold temps, unlike "tropical hibiscus" which must be taken inside in states like NE etc. Nice photos!
  2. mikneb

    Lets talk Cornhuskers!!!

    How about those Huskers! Love it!
  3. mikneb

    lcross moon shot

    I don't think NASA even got a clear image. What a waste of $71 million dollars.
  4. Portrait Professional 6 software is being offered free. This appears to be a limited time offer. You are emailed an authorization code to enter, so I don't think it is just a trial version. I have downloaded it and it is much quicker than Photoshop for portraits. It's definitely not for one who likes to labor over every zit and wrinkle. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] Enjoy----Mike
  5. mikneb

    Lets talk Cornhuskers!!!

    I've lived in Nebraska all my life and I'm sick of hearing about the Huskers. Can't even get away from it on a north country outdoors site like this. I'll sit down and watch a game on TV, but it's not my religion. Fellow Nebraskans---get a life!