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  1. must've been too windy for love today. saw nothing all evening in 601
  2. Good point on road kill. I too barely see any in MN but we travel through WI a lot and the shoulders are covered in road kill. Maybe MN is really quick at clean up
  3. NTW I have an Arctic Armor suit which allows for shooting pretty well. The jacket is very light weight and not bulky but yet incredibly warm. I can wear this suit when its 0 and windy on a lake sitting in a puddle while ice fishing and still be warm if I have my layers on correctly. I usually just roll up the AA jacket and strap it to my stand on my walk in. An hour or so after getting to the stand, my body has cooled enough to put it on. Once the temp drops a little more (Monday) I will do the same thing but with my Heater Body Suit instead of the Arctic Armor. But right now its just a little more than I would need when temps are in the 30s and 40s. I just saw it's going to be 62 tomorrow! I know I can be warm in the stand in very cold temps. I bought the HBS hood also which is great for bow hunting. My biggest concern is getting out of a cozy and warm HBS and packing up all my gear on a cold December night. The walk back should be fine since I'm moving but the 20 or 30 minutes of climbing down and packing up will be cold.
  4. NTW I picked up a HBS this year also but it stays in the truck because it's been so warm. looking forward to 20 s next week and excited for Dec
  5. Sat this evening in areas 601. 1 2 yr old 8 casually strolled through at sunset within 15 yards but nothing else.
  6. 5 does tonight. No bucks. Metro area
  7. More than drawing the line on technology I draw the line on weight. When I think about the 50+ lbs of gear I carry into the woods, I think it is kind of silly. My lone wolf climber with rope and harness is 30lbs alone. Add water, range find, binocs, clothes and suddenly I look like I'm going on a week long backpacking trip when I enter the woods. I love the simplistic image of fred bear hunting with only stick and string. For many of us our time in the woods is very limited by work and family. It is easier for us to buy new hunting gear and fill that in-the-woods void we carry than it is to actually get in the woods. If I can't comfortably carry all my gear into the woods to fill my tag, then I've gone too far. I used to watch a show were the guy made his own arrows and ragged on everyone else who didn't make their own arrows as cheating or something like that. I just thought to myself that making arrows happens to be where this guy draws the line. But it didn't look like he made that gore tex jacket he was wearing or those nice rubber boots. To each their own, I guess.
  8. I sat for 7 hours yesterday until last light on a freshly plowed corn field adjacent to a swampy bedding area. No activity until 5:30 when one doe slowly worked her way out of her bed. By 6:00 three does in the field but no bucks anywhere to be seen. This is area 349
  9. FishingWebGuy


    I got my wildears today! I'm pretty excited about getting out in the field to try them out. Does anyone else have a pair? I picked them up mostly for hearing protection during sporting clays while still being able to hear conversations but it will be interesting to see if they help me hear movement in the woods also or if they just make that squirrel rustling leaves sound that much more like a deer. I wish they had come a day earlier because the recently plowed corn field I was sitting on makes almost no noise when deer are approaching. It will be interesting if now I can actually hear them coming. Anyhow just looking for any input or tips from anyone who might have a pair.
  10. Sat from 10:30 until legal light yesterday over a clear doe and fawn trail with fresh scat running past an alfalfa field. Never saw a single deer. The last corn field in the area was being picked yesterday just one field over -- hoped that would create some motion also but no such luck. I have daylight does and bucks on camera in the area. Some even at high noon. But not a single sighting for me in the last 5 sits. Puzzling, frustrating and exciting knowing that one of these times they will show. Hoping to get out at least two more times before the orange army. I think tomorrow I'll try some light rattling...
  11. I love still hunting! I had a buck and two does come within 50 yards on Tuesday while still hunting. I spotted the buck coming about 100 yards out. I slowly ducked behind a tree and squatted. It seemed like forever for him to get close enough that I could see him again. Then suddenly a doe appears and is feeding 50 yards in front of me and facing me. My legs were so tired from squatting I tried to stand up. Unfortunately the tree I was behind wasn't big enough to cover me completely and she spotted me as I stood. She gave a slow step over and head bob. I knew it was over. Then she blew and they were all gone. My heart was pounding through my chest. The whole key is to use your binoculars every time a new view opens up and see them before they see you. I could still hunt a woods all day long and never have a dull moment.
  12. So yesterday afternoon/evening the wind was right for me to sit in a spot between a swamp/marsh bedding area and an overgrown abandoned farm bedding area and some corn/alfalfa. I would setup in a harvested oat field adjacent to some ripe beans with corn between me and the swamp/marsh I've had some nice bucks on camera traveling this path all summer. When I got to my spot I was excited to see corn was being combined between my oat field and the marsh. The farmer was done in the field by 2:30 and I thought this would make for perfect conditions to see some deer getting pushed around. And now that the corn was gone, I had a perfect view of this swamp/marsh and I could see how the deer were using it. I settled in for a great evening of deer watching... 5 hours after getting into my blind the sun was setting and I had not seen a thing. Finally hunting light passed and still nothing. I couldn't believe I hadn't seen 1 deer moving into or out of the swamp area. Their tracks are all over. So the experience really made me wonder if hunting during harvest is a good idea. Maybe instead of the combine pushing deer around it just scared the deer out of site during shooting hours. Any thoughts? I'm still excited that the corn will be completely gone by next week. But also really curious why I didn't see anything. I thought at least some curious doe would come out to inspect after the equipment had left. What do deer usually do during the harvest?
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