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  1. RK, do you know where the guide sizes that St. Croix has on their legend elite/tournamnet/and extremes (they look to be the same size on all those models) fall on that spectrum?
  2. Curious what peoples opinions are on smaller size guides on fishing rods that are so common nowadays... I see where weight reduction would be an obvious benefit and people say casting distance can actually be better because the line is slapping around less in smaller guides... My question is primarily in reference to the size of guides that St. Croix rods has on their legends, and new elites etc... Do they become very problematic when cotton is all over the water? How terribly fast do they get clogged with ice in late late fall cold water fishing? How about casting back to back uni knots thro
  3. Curios if anyone does any "do it yourself" saltwater fishing? years ago i would have thought it much more difficult, and require much different gear than i'm used to using up north in freshwater. However, this March will be my 7th year going to the Keys on a "DIY" trip. I love the adventure and learning curve in it, but i think most experience anglers would have much much better results than they would ever imagine if they just tried it (even their first time trying), and if they were open to catching various species and not just set on a certain fish... The first day i ever fished on my own i
  4. I have some old ht rod storage half soft half hard cases that are about ten years old and falling apart after lots of use. I'm looking for a heavy duty option (full hard sides ideally but willing to look At others). What are the best options you've found? At this point the hard sided case by otter looks to be my best option. Kinda spendy, but potentially worth the investment. I've been looking at some cheaper gun and bow cases but they don't seem to be offered in very ideal sizes for ice rods ... Opinions on otter case or other ice rod cases or other creative suggestions are appreciated!
  5. Im sure someone has tried going on the river but i haven't seen it myself for a few weeks now. We have 6-10" of ice in a number of smaller waters- crazy how early ice came! I fished the trenton backwaters about 9 days ago, but i've never ice fished the main river though... Late into last fall we had very excellent sauger and walleye fishing at the pump house (along with other awesome bonus fish), but this year about the time we were trying it, it froze over! haha At the confluence a week before freeze up I accidentally snagged a pretty huge paddle fish with a jigging rapala and 8lb li
  6. I made it out today in NW North Dakota!! Around willsiton on Missouri River backwater. 2-6" depending on where I was at. Cracks where water leaks through ice an keeps it bare of snow easily had 4-6" of great safe ice!!!! New early ice record for me! Great pike bite but white crappies were slow
  7. Made it out in NW North Dakota around Williston. 2.5" -6" on a Missouri River backwater!! Places where cracks have flooded the ice and kept it bare had 4" minimum. Crushed pike up to 32" on northland buck tail airplane jigs and had some slow crappie action too! Good to be out!
  8. sorry for late reply, the paddlefish was snagged during NW north dakota's legal snagging season. 3 oz sinker and a treble hook! no kidding! my friend got it hit first morning trying. funny thing is muskie casting gear is the best thing ever for launching those things! you can swing for paddles all day with muskie gear, while most people had to take frequent breaks with super heavy slow action spinning tackle
  9. fishuhalik, this fish was right by Williston. down by the "pump house" south of town. Missouri river system has insane fishing at times.
  10. thanks guys! awesome fish indeed! a fair amour of pallids around here! i've seen a few caught now!
  11. I might have 3" plus in NW North Dakota by tomorrow! i'm checking out conditions this afternoon. If not by tomorrow, we will in a few days
  12. I finally got my first pallid sturgeon! I got it incidentally while targeting walleye and sauger on the Missouri River in North Dakota. If you look closely you can actually see a radio transmitter in it too.
  13. are rapala's subwalks discontinued????? i love those things.... hope not.... but i've been told they are...
  14. cool vids! thanks for sharing
  15. another fan of lexa 400... i have a abu 6500, abu 7000, calcutta 400 te, one of the gray curado 300s, and a lexa 400 in high speed... All good reels in their own way... but for most muskie applications i find the lexa 400 hard to beat considering the price... the 6something:1 ratio has to be about as good as one gets all around in my opinion, especially for price. Lotsa good reels on the market though!
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