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  1. BP2

    Ice Conditions

    Today is a different story however....It's over now!
  2. BP2

    Ice Conditions

    springsteel is done too....a group had to be rescued there yesterday... They were staying at Springsteel and fished out of Warroad by the river which is stupid. I fished out of Springsteel yesterday and it was fine and the fishing was even decent.
  3. There is a very good population in certain areas of NE MN but we shoot a couple every year throughout other areas of the state.
  4. I have access to a lot of that stuff if you're interested in getting some. I actually think the raffia is better quality than the grass mats, but I do get both in.
  5. I have hear of a possible statewide crane season next year. Everything out of the NW zone would be a lottery. That of course is not official.
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  7. BP2

    Crane Hunting

    We plan to hunt them as much as possible. Geese are there all year but cranes just add that much more excitement to the fall. We plan to decoy them using crane decoys (obviously) and calls in fields in the mornings. We are picking up a few clients who want the MN crane experience. Our goal, however, is film a couple good shows to document this historic event!
  8. The bigger contests are actually at the Mankato show this year.
  9. The lessers will be out this June. They will come in fully flocked or just flocked heads and tails. The body positions are different than the big dekes and look pretty good. It is nice to buy from a "local" company with good customer service for once!
  10. The best place to get customized duck or goose calls is C&S Custom Calls. Just do a google search and you'll find him.
  11. BUT we always have open water the last weekend in September (obviously). So open it up sooner. AND...with no hunting pressure in other zones when the season is closed, ducks will more likely stick around until you can hunt them again. As for things being froze by Nov 7th, that's rare if ever true. We've hunted and killed birds till the end of the season every year here in northern MN. I'm sure those south of us would agree.
  12. Quote:Funny how different people see different things. With a state the size of MN why we arent split into zones is beyond me. I'd gladly give up shooting a few teal and woodies early in the season in order to shoot big northern greenies in December. I agree. 3 zones. Brainerd north is zone 1. SE MN is zone 2. Remainder of state zone 3. Open all at the same time as to not get one area of the state flooded with more hunters than usual on opener. Zone 1 goes straight through. Zone 2 closes after opener for 3 weeks. Zone 3 closes for 2 weeks. Something like this anyway. My only thought is that I'd trade mallards for teal and woodies everyday so let's open things earlier up north anyway!
  13. They are actually 2+weeks late. This migration should have happened early this month.
  14. BP2


    I had posted a question about advertising but it must have been deleted. I don't know where else to ask so if someone could just point me in the right direction that would be great. I've tried emails but that hasn't worked. Thanks