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  1. Gotem

    Cabela's Stuffers?

    It might be heavy, but you already have the best stuffer. We have two of them and love them!
  2. Gotem

    SM suit - deal worth it?

    Do you have to call in to get the $175 price? I only see the regular prices in their online store.
  3. Gotem


    When you are trolling along, can you use your copilot remote to adjust your direction? I have a regular PD with autopilot and copilot, but when I have the motor on constant with autopilot, I can't adjust my course with copilot. It beeps when I press the buttons, but nothing happens. If the motor is on the momentary setting, the copilot works fine. Is this normal?
  4. Gotem

    Trim at WOT

    Thanks, what is the proper way to check the oil level?
  5. Gotem

    Trim at WOT

    I have another tilt/trim question. Before when cruising at WOT, I could always trim my motor out as much as I want until it would start breaking loose and then I would trim it back down a bit. This weekend when I was out, it will now only trim out about half as much as I would like and won't trim any more at WOT. If I slow down or stop, I can trim it up all the way just fine. What would cause it to not trim further at WOT like it always has before? I'm only loosing about 2 mph off the top end, so it's not a huge deal. I'm just not sure what's going on and don't want something else to happen. It's a 1990 Johnson 90 hp. Thanks
  6. Gotem

    '90 Evinrude steering tension

    Would this be the same on a '90 Johnson? The motor is an 88 special. Thanks
  7. What type of frame do these shacks use? The flimsy conduit tubing or something stronger?
  8. Gotem

    Frozen Zippers

    What kind of wax do you guys use? Anyone use anything else to make the zipper work easier? The zipper on my new Otter likes to get hung up a lot, so I need to do something with it.
  9. Gotem

    Otter Sled Utility Box

    Guess not many people use these?
  10. Gotem

    Otter Sled Utility Box

    Just wondering if anyone uses this for rod storage in their Otter? I just got a Cabin and am looking for something for rod storage. How strong is the lip of the box? Will it break if I hit it when I'm loading my auger up? Thanks
  11. We fished out of Homer, so it must be a little different in that area. I sure wish we could have kept 6, because smoked salmon is the best!
  12. Just curious, but how can you keep 6 silvers a person? I was up this summer and we did a halibut/silver combo and only kept 3 per person. Just wondering.
  13. What an awesome trip and the weather was wonderful. Monday was a halibut/ling cod trip, both of our boats did great. It sure does get a tad rough out in the Gulf of Alaska with a 28 foot boat, my oh my. Tuesday was silver salmon fishing on a river. Wednesday was straight halibut fishing. All 8 of us were together this day and had no problem catching our fish. Friday was ocean silver salmon and then the boat I was on also went out halibut fishing again. I wish I could do this every year. On Saturday when it was time to come home, it was 65 and not a cloud in the sky. It was very hard getting on that plane!!
  14. Can't wait for the cool weather!! It's been in the mid 90's here the past few weeks. Getting a bunch of silvers is the plan. I already have someone lined up to smoke them for me. I hope that didn't jinx me?? Thanks for the picture and I hope to have some to share in two weeks! One week and 2.5 hours till lift off!!
  15. Yep, all charters. We are staying at a lodge in the Anchor Point area and they took care of booking all our charters for us. We have 2 days each of halibut and salmon fishing planned. Can't wait!