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  1. ts_hunter

    300 area

    EXACTLY. If I put cameras out (did not this year), I put them out in late August and will check them in Early October when I get my stand ready. Then I try to not even go out in the woods within 500 yards of my stand until the opener. I don't understand how some people are checking all of these cameras so often and not blowing everything out of the woods.
  2. ts_hunter

    300 area

    I'm pretty sure they started that rule when the APRs started. That way an adult couldn't shoot a 6 pt buck and have their kid tag it (since APRs don't apply to kids under 18). Pretty hard to find a buck the last few years. After about 9am on opening morning, with all the shooting, the smart ones figure out whats going on and go nocturnal or head to the corn.
  3. Depending on where in zone 300 you hunt, you will be unable to do on-line or phone registration. Below is from Page 65 of the regs.... Southeastern Minnesota Surveillance Due to the discovery of CWD in Northeast Iowa (Allamakee County), DNR will be conducting surveillance in deer areas 348 and 349 starting with the opening day of the firearm season. As of publication, the final surveillance plan has not been finalized. Hunters in southeastern Minnesota will need to check the DNR HSOforum for complete surveillance information and where harvested deer can be registered. For permit areas under surveillance, • The phone and internet registration options will be deactivated on November 7th and will remain off until sampling goals have been achieved. Deer must be brought to walk-in registration stations and hunters are strongly encouraged to allow sampling of their deer. Phone and internet registration will be turned back on after surveillance goals are met. • Submission of a sample is voluntary and there are no carcass movement
  4. ts_hunter

    Need help with sunrise/sunset photos

    Thanks for the tips guys. The next time I get a chance I will get some new shots with these tricks in mind and see what I get. I will post if I get some good shots.
  5. The last couple days the sun has been behind humidity/haze and been this awesome bright orange ball in the sky that you can stare at and not burn the eyeballs out of your head. I would really like to take pics of this, but when I do, I get a very faint, discolored picture of the sun. I have a Canon T1i, and I have started to venture into all the manual settings, but I just don't know what is best for the sunrise/sunset time. Any pointers?
  6. ts_hunter

    Deer regs 2015 gun season

    The file is on the DNR site in this LINK
  7. ts_hunter

    2014 Deer Regs Avail......

    Just use this LINK , and you can have them today!!!
  8. ts_hunter

    Now that firearms season is over...........

    I would agree about 348. Fewest deer sightings and shots I have ever had. I shot a respectable (but not huge) 8 pointer on opening day 3A, and before I pulled the trigger I mulled over in my head whether I should shoot or not. I'm glad I did, it was the only deer I saw all season. That includes my son who hunted 3B.
  9. I am working in Adobe Premier Elements 11 (video edit software) and I want to try an effect that I see in photos from time to time. It is where someone will make a photo black and white, with the exception of one item, like eyes, lips, or an item of clothing. This software has hundreds of different effects and edits you can make I am hoping the effect in question is named similarly to the Photoshop effect, so I can find it. Anyone know if that effect has a name?
  10. ts_hunter

    Harvin hurt before the season begins

    Either he is really hurt and will be out for a while, or it is a convenient training camp injury that so many get these days to avoid camp, and then miraculously are healed about 3 days before the season opener. Either way, glad his is not on the Vikes roster. They can have him.
  11. ts_hunter

    Radon question

    Interesting. Have you done any testing after the install? I see 4" inline fans from $70 up to $300+, besides noise, any benefits to the more expensive fans?
  12. ts_hunter

    Radon question

    This is the route I would have to take as I don't have a way to vent to the roof. If I can seal the sump pit and put a 4" pvc line w/ inline fan, what controls when the fan runs? It isn't on all the time is it?
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  14. ts_hunter

    TV/Satellite coax cable organizer

    That Leviton box is what I have been wanting. I actually found a smaller box (12" x 12") at Menard's today over my noon break. The Leviton box will work better if I ever decide to sheet rock that room in the future.
  15. I have a small box on the wall in my utility room next to the electrical panel that has the coax cable from the cable company coming into the house. This box also has 7 coax lines that go to various places in the house. Over the last several years, I have labeled the wires so I know what wire goes to each room in the house. The problem is that with the 3 and/or 4 way splitters to send the cable tv signal throughout the house there is no way to nicely get the wires and splitters all in the box on the wall. Does anyone know of a nice box made for the organizing of the coax TV cables? I would like to get something at least 10" x 10" or larger where I could get all the cables in there and routed with the splitters and then be able to cover the box. Anyone have an idea of where I would find such a thing?