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  1. Long time since i been on here- glad to see people getting antsy. Waiting for my two bucks from last year to come back, and about ready for out of state deer, MN bear and deer, and who knows might even try a over the counter goat hunt
  2. Been a while since i have been on the form, but have checked in on occasion. Had a great turkey season so far, killed 5/5 for our group, three with bows, my 10yr old got a nice one and my second youngest brother decided to shotgun one for his first turkey, a jake, didn't have much time to hunt but was happy. Both other brothers stuck two decent birds with an arrow. My bird was 10 1/4 with 1,1/8 spurs. Gobbled like a fool until he seen my decoys then slowly crept in. Hope you enjoy. Tad longer than i like but got some decent footage. http://s227.photobucket.com/user/chrislee34hunter/media/M2U00168_zpsoukwzyhn.mp4.html
  3. Right now its creeks and corn. Check the muddy banks for tracks or look between corn fields and culverts, big trees or old buildings. They have small maybe 6in wide trails in the grass if they are going anywhere to often.
  4. The deer are still moving, not sure when you guys refer to the lull as not seeing mature bucks or any deer. Tuesday night I saw 6-8 deer by my tree, and another 20+ a half mile over. Had a 130in ten pt at about ten yards on Saturday night, he was on his feet at about 6pm, but he never went into the field, he instead choose to walk the drainage ditch and mess around. Yet there was six does in the field. Right now corn in where its at, it is all standing, but my better spots all have corn. Its is hard to get any type of pattern either, the farmers are combines and plowing with in days that may also play into tough hunting. I have never seen a lull in action where I hunt, but they surely are in the process of moving around and changing. Brother is out tonight and had a small one chasing a doe at 4:30pm, they are on their feet with this front pushing in.
  5. This is what the bucks were doing in the fields tonight.
  6. Off the Oct 22- Nov 12. But if I only had 3 days it would be Tues-Thurs before rifle, Monday you just got done with rifle hunters messing around and Friday everyone seems to be messing around in the woods to get ready, or driving around looking. Also the bucks I have shot all seem to come on Wed or Thurs before rifle, not sure why, just the way it has went.
  7. I will finally get back out after 8 days at work. Brother has been out off and on, last night lots of young bucks in the field had two sets pushing each other around he said it was fairly serious, but he is on 17 so I assume they are testing more than anything, he did say a little buck was harrassing a doe for a few minutes two nights ago. Few scrapes popping up also. Other brother seen a ok 8 pt go right to a small basket and kinda push him around. All i got at this point, hoping so stick one this week.
  8. I would say you see more big deer in the metro because they tend to live a lot longer than most deer in MN. With little to no hunting and most people working during the day that would be the ideal time for them to be out roaming. Deer adapt to where they live, if there is a ton of activity in the daytime they will be more likely moving at night and vice versa. But I bet very few mature deer stand there while a stinky farmer shoots them if they know he is there, just like a deer can tell the difference between a jogger and hunter. If things are not normal or out of place the deer figure it out and adjust or get killed plain and simple.
  9. First off did you shoot both of them with your bow??? Secondly if you had a fool proof plan you should have a wall full of decent bucks. I will stand by what I said regardless. There may be a few good bucks that tolerate or be half brain dead and get used to pressure but 9 out of 10 won't. Granted they may make a mistake that costs them, or during rifle season someone bumps them and they just happen to cross your path, but without the rut or a stroke of luck, pressure will not be your friend. Two decent bucks on the wall may or may not be luck. When you kill a 4-5 yr old buck every year then I may change my tune. I got 5 on the wall as of now with my ND buck from this year at the taxidermist now, but I don't need to have them on my profile picture. I am only 30 so I plan on hanging plenty more. Luck only gets you so far with a mature deer, the rest is up to you.
  10. "I think it's better that they get use to you a bit.
  11. Checked my camera today and found this big cougar on it. Looks to be eating well, just never know what you find when you check those chips. Good luck and watch out for these maneaters in the woods.
  12. For you guys that want to hunt in a group, or not at all should be applying in a group. Thats the point of them, you each get a tag and its either a all or nothing. On a bright note, my grounp of 3 drew this year again. Hope we can put a few down this year. Got mine last year. Good luck
  13. They can not trap here, there maybe a land owner thing were they can trap thier own, or if they buy a lifetime license and move, that is that only way around it.
  14. Will be out if not going for a bear.
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